5 Overpowered Video Game Abilities That Broke The Game
Posted by Raphael Leynes March 05, 2019

Most people play videogames as a form of escapism, a way to leave behind our mundane lives and be extraordinary. Video games are a power fantasy that makes us feel like we are superheroes, incredible warriors, or powerful spell casters with the tools and skills to back it up. However, there are some instances where the abilities we’re given are too powerful essentially taking the challenge away from the fantasy.

Here are 5 video game abilities so powerful they broke the game:

Millenia’s Spellbinding Eye -Grandia II

Millenia’s Spellbinding Eye from Grandia II is an incredibly powerful spell that basically paralyzes a single target for a long, long time. This gives your party about three whole turns to wail on it with their over-sized weapons, cast devastating spells on it, enjoy a refreshing beverage or take selfies or whatever until it wakes back up.

Luckily, the game had enough common sense to render some of its bosses immune to Spellbinding Eye’s vicious charms…

..except the Final Boss.

Yep, thanks to the all-mighty Eye, the newly reborn Valmar, the God of All Evil is reduced to what is essentially a brick. A big dumb butterfly looking brick that’s just floating in the air waiting to be put out of its misery. Anti-climactic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We weren’t kidding about the butterfly part

Electrocutioner’s Shock Gloves-Batman Arkham Origins

©WB Montreal


The combat system in Rocksteady’s Arkham games is like a beautifully nuanced ballet of rock-paper-scissors. Everything hinges on the player knowing what move to use on which specific enemy to keep the action going.

Electrocutioner’s Shock Gloves from Batman Arkham Origins basically says “SCREW THAT, JUST PUNCH PEOPLE”

When Batman reaches a certain number of hits on the combo meter, with the gloves equipped, he can activate them to become an unstoppable God of Fists and Fury–even more so than he is already. The gloves allow the Bat to punch through any type of enemy normally ignoring all manner of shields, tasers, knives, katanas and body armor that his enemies may have.

The Shock Gloves is as close to a “win button” as they come, essentially turning the beautiful ballet of Arkham combat into one of those mindless tapping mobile games where you just keeping pressing the button until you’re done.

Typhoon Explosive System-Deus Ex Human Revolution



Speaking of win buttons, the Typhoon Explosive System from Deus Ex Human Revolution might very well be the epitome of the term. With a single press of the button cyber cop and protagonist Adam Jensen whirls around releasing dozens of tiny micro explosives that obliterate everything around him. When upgraded to level 2, close-quarter firefights, ambushes and even Boss Fights are over in just seconds after pressing the button.

Are people still standing? Do it again! Each activation of the Typhoon only costs one Energy Cell. Adam Jensen can upgrade to up to five energy cells. FIVE!

Human Revolution’s boss fights were considered underwhelming and lackluster compared to the rest of the game but thanks to the Typhoon you no longer have to slog through them, they’ll be over in seconds! So at least there’s that!

Skeletal Axe of Rending-Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

©THQ Nordic


This next one isn’t exactly an ability but an item that gives the main character in Darksiders II Death, lifesteal. As poetically apt as it sounds, The Skeletal Axe of Rending essentially gives Death unlimited life as long as he’s hitting something every few seconds.

The Axe is able to fully restore Death’s health to max with just a few swings essentially eliminating the need for potions and even other weapons. In fact once I got my hands on the Skeletal Axe of Rending after the game’s first level, I didn’t want to use any other weapon at all, not matter how high it’s level and rarity was.

Why would I?  The Axe has given me all I really need, a way to gain incredible amounts of health while inflicting a decent amount of damage.

In my head cannon, it’s gotten to a point that I can now only see Death using a sick Axe instead of that boring old scythe, *bleh* who needs it.

The Lava Core- Divinity Original Sin

©Larian Studios


Ah yes the Lava Core Spell. It’s the medieval equivalent of 6 billion atomic bombs thrown by both Ultra Instinct Goku and Golden Age Superman.

In Divinity, Lava kills anything and everything exposed to it. So imagine having a one -time use spell scroll that allows you to create your own lava from thin air?

Yes, my friend, you now have your very own Deathnote in Lava Form.

The spell is one time use only though which kinda balances the whole thing BUT you can hang on to it until the very last boss as you do with these sorts of things. Once you’re face to face with the Void Dragon just remember to say something cool before you give that fool the ole Viserys lava bath.

©Larian Studios


There you have it 5 Overpowered Video Game Abilities That Broke the Game. Do have suggestions for a future list? Let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook page! 

For more videogame lists check out the 5 time Super Mario Odyssey was Savage AF and 5 Videogame Bosses that Weren’t Worth the Wait!

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