A Recap of the SEGA / Atlus Livestreams at Tokyo Game Show 2020
Posted by Paolo Arciga September 28, 2020

Last Friday, September 25, SEGA / Atlus kicked off a three-day series of livestreams and video content that they’ve prepared for Tokyo Game Show 2020. If you have several hours to spare, you can check out each day’s full stream on SEGA’s official YouTube channel, but for your convenience, we’ve rounded up the more significant announcements and reveals from the livestreams.


And, just to help you manage your expectations: No, there is no announcement for a new Yakuza game or any news pertaining to the Persona series’ upcoming 25th anniversary. We’ll get to that later, but for now, let’s take a brief look at what went down in the SEGA / Atlus livestreams.


It’s the Tokyo Game Show after all


While fans outside Japan looked forward to TGS 2020 as a time for big game reveals, the event caters mostly to its local fanbase. There were some great reveals from other Japanese video game publishers, but in the case of the SEGA/Atlus livestreams, most reveals and announcements were for Japan-exclusive games. 



Among these Japan exclusives were the Re:Zero mobile game, the Sakura Wars mobile game, and the Hatsune Miku/idol collector mobile game called Project Sekai: Colorful Stage. It sure seems that SEGA wants to be for mobile games what Konami is for pachinko games (kidding). Jests aside, with the fanbases for these mobile games’ IPs being made up mostly of Japanese fans, it’ll probably take a while for these games to be released in the West, if they ever do get released in the West. 



Speaking of taking a while to release in the West, the livestreams also announced a huge update to Phantasy Star Online 2, which was originally released in Japan in 2012, and released in the West just last May (as in, just this year). PSO2, which must have inspired many an isekai anime, has been a hugely popular MMORPG in Japan. Its release in the West, however, wasn’t just one of those super late English ports, but actually a starting point for the international release of its current/next-gen update: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. New Genesis will feature an upgraded graphics engine and some improvements to the game’s systems, and so far it looks like an entirely new game. The update is slated for a 2021 release in the West.



Lastly, for big-in-Japan announcements, SEGA released a teaser for what they call the “Virtua Fighter x esports Project”. The internationally popular fighting game series Virtua Fighter hasn’t had a new entry to the series in a long time, with the last game in the series, Virtua Fighter 5, having no updates since 2012. The teaser for the Virtua Fighter x esports Project hints not only that SEGA will be funding and organizing tournaments for Virtua Fighter games, it also hints that Virtua Fighter 6 might actually be in the works for next-gen consoles. 



SEGA / Atlus finds its partners in the West


Despite the SEGA / Atlus livestreams being mostly targeted towards their Japanese audience, SEGA CEO Haruki Satomi briefly discussed SEGA’s partnerships with Western game developers and IPs. In the Partners Lineup above, you can see that they’ve partnered with EA particularly with the releases for Star Wars Squadrons and FIFA 21, but they’ve also partnered with Beep Japan to help market Western indie games to the Japanese audience. The two Western indie games highlighted in the day 2 livestream were Neversong and Pinstripe.


Haruki Satomi also announced that they’ve partnered with Western game publisher Paradox Interactive, who you might know for their stellar Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis games. As part of their partnership, SEGA will be responsible for the Asia region publishing of the upcoming Paradox Interactive title, Empire of Sin. The game is set to be released in Spring 2021, and it’s a mafia-themed strategy and management game that’s reminiscent of isometric strategy games like XCOM and Shadowrun. 



No news on future Yakuza and Persona releases just yet


This coming December marks the 15th anniversary of the Yakuza series, and next year will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Persona series. With Yakuza and Persona fans making up a large percentage of the international SEGA / Atlus fanbase, it’s only normal to expect that they’d have something big to announce about either series during TGS 2020, but it seems that whatever SEGA / Atlus have up their sleeves, it’s just not ready for a public announcement yet.


While the livestreams did feature some playthroughs of Persona 5 Scramble and Yakuza 7 (AKA Yakuza: Like a Dragon), there wasn’t much news as to what might come next for these series. Fans in the livestream chat had speculated that Persona 1 might get a remake, and that an 8th entry to the Yakuza series might be announced, and while both of these are smart guesses, TGS 2020 is just too early a time for any announcements. 



The SEGA / Atlus livestreams might have been a lackluster experience for international fans expecting some huge announcements, but it’s possible that they’re saving their best news for a more appropriate time. It’s not like SEGA / Atlus aren’t aware that internationally, Yakuza and Persona are their biggest moneymakers. At the very least, we have some good things to expect from the Virtua Fighter series and the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 update.


You can bet that we’ll be covering those big announcements as soon as they come out, so be sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page. For now, here’s some great music from the last day of the livestream:



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