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2017 World Championship Play-In Stage: Fnatic dismantle Hong Kong Attitude to head to the Group Stage
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 29, 2017

The European third seed and first World Champions, Fnatic, are headed to the Group Stage after an impressive best-of-five against the LMS third seed, Hong Kong Attitude.

Both teams have showed shaky performances through the Group Stage. Fnatic had dropped their game against Young Generation and Hong Kong Attitude had dropped their tie breaker with 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor.

Despite these mishaps in the Group Stage, Fnatic outclassed their LMS opponents in a quick three game series.


Game 1


The top seed from Group C and European third seed had a shaky start to Game 1 of their series with Hong Kong Attitude as they lost two towers in the bottom early in the game before losing two more in the top shortly after.

Hong Kong Atttitude added to their early lead as they found two kills in the mid lane on the Fnatic mid lane Rasmus “Caps” Winther and support Jesse “Jesiz” Le. This was followed by the team successfully taking Earth Drake. Despite the lead, HKA was unable to push the advantage even further. This allowed FNC to gain their composure and start pushing objectives.

With some Drakes for Fnatic and crisp rotations, they are able to dismantle the base of Hong Kong Attitude. At 33 minutes, the Europeans found three kills inside the base of Hong Kong Attitude. These cement the victory for the Europeans as they closed out the game in 34 minutes.


Game 2


After a successful Game 1, there was little that Fnatic adjusted in their draft retaining their carries, Xayah for their AD Carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Cassiopeia for Caps. While Hong Kong Attitude decided to bring out the Rumble for their top laner Baek “riris” Seung-min.

A 3v3 exchange in the bottom early in the game gave Huang “Unified” Jun-ji first blood on Rekkles. Fnatic’s top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer was massive on his Shen in the early game taking two kills in the mid lane and a kill later on in the top lane.

The early lead started a snowball that became too large for the team from LMS to stop. Similar to the first game, Fnatic found three kills in the base of Hong Kong Attitude before closing the game, this time in an even quicker 29 minutes.


Game 3


A surprise in Game 3 was the roster change from Hong Kong Attitude, deciding to replace Cheung “GodKwai” Wo Kwai with their more experienced jungler Huang “Gemini” Chu Xuan. Even more changes were coming as Rekkles’ Xayah was picked by HKA earlier in the draft and Cassiopeia being banned later in the ban phase. This forced FNC to pick Sivir and Taliyah for their AD Carry and mid laner, respectively.

Despite the changes, Fnatic still had a strong start with their jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen playing a more aggressive role earlier on.

At 12 minutes, Caps was so far ahead from his lane opponent Chen “M1ssion” Xiao-Xian that Caps had a 5/0/4 KDA compared to M1ssion’s 0/1/0. HKA didn’t want to go down without a fight as they found some strong team fights with Riris running after Rekkles and M1ssion finding crucial flanks to take down the backlines.

The European third seed held on and played the macro game as they did in the previous games. A Baron at 34 minutes ultimately allowed Fnatic to take that last push to close out the series, 3-nil.


Photos courtesy of lolesports


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