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4 Reasons why you Should Seize Your Destiny at The Road to The Nationals
Posted by Raphael Leynes on August 01, 2018

The Road to The Nationals is almost upon us here are 4 of the best reasons why you should seize your destiny and join!

Prove You’re the Best of the Best

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As a tournament held nationwide, the victors of The Road To The Nationals will earn the right to call themselves the very best in all the land. Qualifiers for R2N won’t just be happening in Metro Manila but all across the nation, in places as far as Cavite, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro.

Each advancement in The Road To The Nationals proves to everyone in your area that you are undoubtedly the best. Each win is a testament to your greatness among your peers. And to win it all means you prove your dominance to everyone in the country.

If you think you and your team has what it takes to be the best at DOTA 2, Mobile Legends, Tekken 7 or NBA 2k19, then joining The Road To The Nationals is the very first step to proving it.

The Prize Pool

In addition to proving your dominance and making history, there are a bunch of different reasons why you should join The Road To The Nationals.  Not the least of which is the whopping 1.2 million peso prize pool! We don’t need to tell you how much that money can change a life!

A Chance to Get Drafted to a Team in The Nationals

The Road to The Nationals is not just about the money though. There’s also an unprecedented amount of glory up for grabs. To prove your worth in The Road to The Nationals is to prove to the everyone you are the very best in the nation. And as a prelude to The Nationals, your success at R2N might just earn you the chance to be drafted into one of the 6 participating teams in the first-ever franchise based esports league in the country.

That’s right! Scouts from the 6 founding teams of The Nationals which includes PLDT-SMART and Cignal TV, will have their eyes on the top standouts of R2N to draft into their teams! Even if you don’t capture the big prize, if you put on a stellar enough performance and prove you have what it takes, then you might just earn a spot in one of The Nationals teams come 2019.

International Glory

Photo Courtesy of New Straits Times

If you are able to reach these heights, you not only make history in participating in the first-ever franchise based esports league in the country, but you also have a chance to prove your skill on an international level as well.

The meteoric rise of esports and gaming in the Philippines has gotten to a point where talks are currently underway about the inclusion of esports in the 2020 South East Asian Games. With the Philippines hosting the prestigious event, no less than the top brass of the Philippine Olympic Committee and other relevant organizations are making big plays for the future of gaming.

What this means for you is that if you shine bright in R2N and The Nationals, you might have a chance to officially represent the country in international competition as part of the first-ever eGilas National Team!

If you believe that you have game beyond compare, If you are ready to win it all for the gold and the glory, If you believe in your greatness then now is the time to seize it.

What are you waiting for? Join The Road To The Nationals here: http://bit.ly/R2NDOTA

For more details about The Road to The Nationals and The Nationals, hitch a Town Portal scroll over to http://thenationalsph.com

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