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A Complete List Of Every Magic The Gathering: Arena Codes
Posted by Raphael Leynes on July 17, 2019

Ever since its release last year, Magic The Gathering Arena has been a huge boon to MTG players and card game fans everywhere. From experienced players finding a new avenue of competition, to lapsed fans trying to jump back in and even to new players trying to pick up the prolific trading card game, MTGA is the best way to experience the game and find what they’re looking for.

In turn, Magic the Gathering Arena has also been very generous to its devout fan base. They frequently give out pre-made theme decks, codes for new cards, free booster packs and card styles as a thank you to its players. Over the last year there have been quite a lot of these codes given out so we took the liberty of collecting them all and putting them all in one place. Players can redeem these at the Store tab by inputting the code on the text field labeled “Redeem Code”. 

We’ll also be updating this article every time a new code comes up so keep checking back here in case you miss some.

Oh and BTW, You’re welcome.

Welcome, Planeswalker

These codes were given out at the release of every new set as an introduction to the cards. Expect similar codes to celebrate every new expansion. Arena is generous like that.  Happy cracking!

PlayAllegiance   3 Ravnica Allegiance Packs
PlayRavnica   3 Guild of Ravnica Packs
PlayWarSpark   3 War of the Spark Packs
OneBillion   1 War of the Spark Pack
PLAYM20   3 Core Set 2020 Packs

Path to Progress

The newest update to Arena introduces a new Mastery System in which you gain rewards by playing the game and earning experience. Each level up you gain corresponds to new freebies such as packs, gems and the new Master Orbs that unlock exclusive card styles from the Sphere Grid-like Master Tree. 

There’s also an Premium Mastery path which has better rewards but must first be purchased with either microtransactions or the in-game currency equivalent to 3400 gems.

These codes below help you kick start your path to progress by giving you enough experience to level up four times in a row and reap the rewards immediately!

LevelUp   2000 XP
BroughtBack   2000 XP

I Make This Look Good

Earlier this year, Magic the Gathering: Arena introduced special Card Styles that players can unlock to deck out their favorite cards with full-art, parallax-animated illustrations. Here are all the card free card styles below:

ParallaxPotion   Revitalize
SuperScry   Opt
FoilFungus   Deathbloom Thallid
ShinyGoblinPirate   Fanatical Firebrand
SparkleDruid   Druid of the Cowl

  Doomed Dissenter 

Luminous Bonds

Llanowar Elves

Meteor Golem

Viashino Pyromancer

Arena-themed Sleeves

OverTheMoon   Arlinn, Voice of the Pack
INNERDEMON   Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted
SHIELDSUP   Teyo, the Shieldmage
WRITTENINSTONE   Nahiri, Storm of Stone
ENLIGHTENME   Narset, Parter of Veils

Magic the Gathering: Arena has certainly come a long way since launch. To see just how far, check out this preview we did when it came out!

Happy hunting, everybody!

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