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Adventure Time, Ghibli movies and Marvel’s Spoiler Snipers: All the Best Highlights from Finn Jones’ Media Interview at Asia Pop Comic Con
Posted by Raphael Leynes on August 03, 2018


Finn Jones, star of Netflix’s Iron Fist and Game of Thrones, sat down with the media at the recently concluded Asia Pop Comic Con 2018 to answer some interesting questions about, Marvel, Music and what type of food would he be. You know, the classics.

Here are the most entertaining highlights!

Finn sits down and answers some questions from the media crowd


Media: Will we see the iconic bandana mask from the comic?

Finn: “First of all, I can’t give away any spoilers. But will be seeing a mask. You might even see two masks.

Host Chico Garcia: “I can tell your very tight lipped about this.

Finn: “I’ve got to be otherwise Marvel… So basically, Marvel has Snipers on me at all times so if I give a away spoilers, they’d just shoot me dead on the spot” (laughs)

Media: What the best part of working on Iron Fist do you enjoy most?

Finn: “I enjoy all of the fight choreography, I enjoy working with our cast members it’s a great cast and a great team.”

“And you know what I really like working in New York. It’s just a great city to work in and to live in. So that’s probably one of my favorite things.”

Media: You were in Game of Thrones and Iron Fist, two really popular shows in the geek community, are you a geek as well? And If yes, what shows do you geek about the most?

Finn: “Yeah, I consider myself a geek, whatever that means. If geek means you’re a fan of something obsessively then yeah I’m a fan of lots of things.”

“I actually like a lot of Studio Ghibli films. I probably geek over those the most. I love them. I just devour everything from that studio. And I like music as well, so I geek off on music as well.”

Media: You mentioned Studio Ghibli, What Studio Ghibli movie did you like the most?

Finn: “Oh! That’s a good question. I really love Pom Poko, the one with the raccoons, I love that one. I love Ponyo (Sings Song from Ponyo). Howl’s Moving Castle is fantastic and Spirited Away, are like classics.Grave of the Fireflies, very different one , wonderful movie.”

“I love them all. I can wait till I have a child so I can show them those movies. I just think they’re very special. It’s just wonderful storytelling and wonderful animation.”

Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Lester


Media: Question from the Finn Jones fans, You make a Danny Rand playlist, when’s the next one coming out, and what inspires you to make them?

Finn: “I should make a Danny Rand Playlist part 2. I’m on Spotify, goodvibrations11. I have lots of playlists up there. I guess I just love music. Whenever I hear it, I feel it I just have the need to share it.”

It’s not so much that anything inspires me to do it but its a need to listen to it and share music. Its just a part of me and it’s something that I like to explore and share and hope it connects with people.”

Chico: What some people don’t know is that Finn is also a DJ, Has there ever been an event where we had both Ser Loras and Hodor played at the same show together

Finn:“Yeah actually! I’ve played with Kris (Nairn) a few times in Istanbul and Turkey. It was fun. Kris has great taste in music so its always great to share the stage with him.”

Media: “Since your coming back for season 2 of Iron Fist, did your training and martial arts education, intensify and how?”

Finn: “For the 2nd Season we started training around 4 months before we started shooting. I did lots various disciplines this time around. I worked with an ex-shaolin monk so that’s pretty fun. I did a lot of traditional Kung Fu with him and Tai Chi.”

“I also worked with a more modern MMA fighter, which was fun. Meditation everyday, Yoga. I worked with a personal trainer with a more gymnastics-style training to keep me toned, agile and flexible for martial arts.”

“Yes it was very intense.”

Finn Jones aka Iron Fist having fun at the Netflix Booth at Asia Pop Comic Con


Chico: Since you were part of Game of Thrones and Iron Fist, Who are more protective of leaks and spoilers?

Finn: “Ohhhh, Marvel. They’re hardcore when it comes to (leaks and spoilers)”

Media: How does it feel to be a viewer of game of thrones or are there any fan theories you subscribe to?

Finn: “Even though I’m not a part of that show on the day to day filming it, I’m still friends with everyone. I enjoy watching it and it’s kind of nice to just watch the show and not know what’s going on so I can watch just as a viewer. And not be spoiled by what’s about to happen.”

Media: “Did you read any Iron Fist comics to prepare for the role? And what is your favorite?”

Finn: “I’ve read all the comics. I have a huge stack of all of the Iron Fist comics at the end of my bed. And everynight before I go to sleep I just pick one out and go over it.”

“I love the Ed Brubaker, The Immortal Iron Fist, I think that’s a great version. I also like the most recent Iron Fist comic as well, I think its really interesting to see Danny much older. Powerman and Iron Fist Comic that’s a really good one as well.”

“I think they’re all fantastic, they’re just all very different.”

Photo Courtesy of Marvel


Media:  You have great chemistry with Mike Colter, How did you develop that chemistry?

Finn: “I think the thing with chemistry is either you have it or you don’t. You can’t really work towards good chemistry.”

“Me and Mike, for whatever reason, we just get on. We have good banter together. We have good natural chemistry as people. It think that really helps translate on screen.”

Media: How is it working with your Defenders castmates, are they like their real-life selves?

Finn: “All of them are very different from their roles. Krysten (Ritter) is very funny, very bright and very goofy and plays a lot of practical jokes. Very different from Jessica Jones. Mike is also very goofy.”

“Everyone on is very different from their characters and we had a lot of fun filming Defenders.”

Media: If you can switch roles with anyone in the cast who would it be?

Finn: “Maybe Jessica Jones because she gets to drink all the time” (laughs)

Media: If DC were the first to tap you, which superhero would you play?

Finn: “I like Aquaman. I think Aquaman is a real cool hero and quite interesting.”

Media: I’m sure you watched Infinity War, do you think your character survived the Snap?

Finn: Yeah of course he would! He’s got the Iron Fist. He can channel his chi! Its a very powerful thing.”

Media: “How do you rank your fist versus the Thor Hammer, Cap’s Shield and Hulk’s form”

Finn:He’d beat ALL OF THEM!”

Media: How many photos have you taken where your fake punching a fan?

Finn: “Not enough! (laugh) The fake punch always a good photo.”

Media:  If you’re gonna cosplay who would you like to cosplay?

Finn: “Do you guys have Adventure Time over here? (Audiences cheers “yes”!)

“I love that programme! Its something I geek about as well. So I’d probably cosplay anyone from Adventure Time, probably Lemon Grab! Finn’s an obvious one. What the elephant that makes all the apple pies? That’s one of my favorite ones.”

Media:If you were a food what would you be?

Finn: “Hmmm. Today I feel like a Spaghetti Bolognese. I don’t know I’m just all wiggly.” (Audience laughs)

“But I guess everyday is different. So ask me tomorrow, I’ll be a different food.”

Media: Speaking of food, will you try balut? Are you up for the challenge?

Finn: (Host Chico explains what Balut is)I don’t know if I am. I’ll just stick with he dessert (halo-halo) and the soup (Sinigang) those are good. “

Media: What’s the best part about being Danny Rand?

Finn: “You know what I really like about playing the character, is when I come to these conventions and kids come up to me.”

“It’s just great to meet the younger fans and to see that kind of imagination and that joy in them and kind of connect to that. It’s just a wonderful thing to be able to do.”

Finn passes the mantle of the Iron Fist


Later on when Finn Jones took to the APCC main stage to answer some fan questions, a little boy was handed the microphone and this happened:

Kid: “Can I be the Iron Fist?”

Finn: “Of course, buddy! Come up here!”

The kid is ushered on to the stage then:

Finn: “There is one condition though to become the Iron Fist you need to give me a fist bump, Can you do that?”

Kid: “Okay”

And the little boy gives Finn a fist bump to the roar of the crowd.

Finn: “Everybody give it up for (kid’s name) the New Iron Fist!”

There you have it, Finn Jones. Actor, Musician, Studio Ghibli Fan and Real Life Superhero.


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