Animal Crossing Free Winter Update: All the Reasons to Celebrate!
Posted by Donna Almonte November 24, 2020

Hungry for more action on AC:NH? Well, feast your eyes on the following features. If you’ve been away from your island for a while, ‘tis the season to come back and join in the merriment. There’s a lot to cover, so here are the main updates from the latest update made available last November 19. 

Eat, drink, and play on Turkey Day 

Gobble up a feast with your villagers / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


Turkey Day will be held on November 26, similar to its American counterpart, Thanksgiving! Just like Bunny Day, you’ll meet a certain Franklin, who will ask you to collect various ingredients so he can cook up delicious meals for your villagers. Of course, Turkey Day DIY recipes will be abundant (including 3 non-recipe DIYs). 

Oh deer, meet Jingle!

Craft Christmas Toy event items for your merry villagers!  / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


Same goes for Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer who will help you deliver presents to your villagers! The Toy Day set items includes color variations of furniture (available at Nook’s Cranny), puppy plushies, kid tents, and other Christmas-themed decors. 

Become the village Santa Claus on Toy Day 

Sherb has been a good boi. / Image: YouTube via Nintendo

There are so many seasonal toys, drinks, and food for crafting this season. Sure, it’ll take a lot of work to make your island holiday-themed, but imagine the lovely Turkey Day hearth, tin robots, sleighs, tiny socks, and presents that would look adorable in your cozy little living room. 


You can finally SIT, do YOGA, and other things with villagers

Imagine paying 2,700 Nook Miles so you can sit down—worth it! / Image: YouTube via Nintendo

You can unlock 9 new reactions, and by now, you’ve already seen your villagers doing most of these on the town plaza. These include the following reactions: work out, yoga, excited, here you go, sit down, sniff sniff, ta-da, take a picture, and wave goodbye! It makes bonding with your villagers a bit more engaging. I’m still waiting for the day I can ‘drink’ coffee with Maple. 


Bunnie is about to spill some tea, grab a seat! / Image: YouTube via Nintendo

It’s about time we all sat down and chatted with our dreamies. I still wish that the update included drinking (and selecting your fave drink) for maximum aesthetics.


More Stylish Hairstyles!

More stylish and diverse hairstyles for inclusivity / Image: YouTube via Nintendo

At the height of the #BLM movement, some Animal Crossing groups have been requesting for Nintendo to include more curly hairstyles. Styles include afros, bantu knots, and no hair at all! We stan this. By the way, you can dream and discover random islands as soon as you read Luna’s letter—you don’t need a Dream Address to travel. 

Last, but not least, the Winter update comes with a Save Data Transfer function, so you can finally crossover your island to your other Nintendo Switch systems. Moreover, players can store up to 2,400 (from 1,600)  items now if they paid off the last Tom Nook house extension debt and paid 500,000 upfront. Tom Nook, you sly creature. 


New Switch? No need to start your journey from scratch / Image: YouTube via Nintendo


I can honestly say this is my favorite update so far in terms of community-building. With Thanksgiving and Christmas events coming up, I can feel more connected to my fellow fans and villagers not to mention that people of color finally have their hairstyles represented in the game. Note that this won’t be the last of the series’ updates; Nintendo teased another one by late January! Sadly, there’s no word yet on 50 custom design slots. But so far, it seems that they have listened to some of our requests.


Follow Isabel (@animalcrossing) on Twitter for more official updates, and enjoy those Happy Holidays with your island fam!

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