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Big Updates, FF Tactics Gameplay, and Everything about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at ESGS 2019
Posted by Raphael Leynes November 06, 2019

During the recently concluded ESGS 2019, the producers of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto were on hand to talk about their highly successful mobile RPG/Gacha game and their big plans for the future of the franchise. The producers had a sit down talk with the media about the current state of FFBE, its upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics inspired spin-off War of the Visions as well as field some burning questions from everyone in attendance. Here are some of the highlights:


The Brave Exvius and The Bold


The media sitdown started off with the introduction the producers of FFBE. Each took their turn on the mic greeting the local media in near-perfect Tagalog to the surprise of the crowd. A few from the audience exclaimed “sugoi” in astonishment. The pair proceeded to talk about the massive success that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has attained throughout the years citing the number of downloads in Asia and Worldwide. 

The mobile RPG had resonated to many because of its dedicated and compelling story mode on par with other Final Fantasy games while providing surprisingly deep RPG mechanics and systems. Brave Exvius also soars thanks to its brilliant character designs featuring a roster of 150 unique playable characters each with their own quirks and mechanics. Some standout examples would include Lid and Hyoh. The former, Cid’s airship-obsessed daughter and the latter a  mysterious lightsaber wielding, sentai-inspired badass.

Today, Brave Exvius stands as a huge mobile success garnering a devoted community of fans the world over for which they’ve held multiple Fan Fiesta Events to celebrate their love for the game. 

Brave Exvius has even caught the eye of mainstream international media with its epic collaboration with popular recording artists Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.


War Of The Visions

The next half of the presentation focused of the newest addition to the Brave Exvius Universe: a completely new mobile tactical RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics called War of the Visions. 

Watch the trailer below:

War of the Visions will take place in the Brave Exvius Universe albeit a few hundred years into its rich history in the Lapis Continent of Ardora. The story with depict the titular War of Visions, a massive and brutal war between rival nations in Ardora that played out through many years and shaped the course of Brave Exvius’ history.

Currently there have been 5 announced nations that serve as factions that players can join in the War of Visions. These are the Leonis, Hourne, Fennes, Wezette, and Crystal Sanctum

The noble and courageous Leonis are ruled by the Red Lion Monarch, their twin Princes and govern the Power of Visions.

The tranquil Hourne have adopted a policy of peace under the guidance of their wise and powerful King.

The fierce nation of Fennes is composed of brutal barbarian tribes all United by the King of Savages to form Ardora’s most powerful militant state.

The secluded eastern Kingdom of Wezette is covered in a sea of ice and snow ruled by a maniacal Despot.

And finally, the holy Crystal Sanctum, a religious city state adhering to the divine wisdom of an individual proclaiming to be God.

Not much is known about the specifics of the gameplay of War of the Visions yet but the producers have revealed that it will carry over the Esper System from FFBE. Players of War of The Visions will be able to summon new and familiar Espers but with a shiny new coat of  remastered animation.

War of the Visions is slated to come out later in the year in Japan with the international release soon to follow.

Burning Questions

After the presentation the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius producers Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto. fielded some questions from the media. Here are a few of the interesting ones:

We know that the player base for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is very passionate about what they love and what they want from the game. How important is player feedback to you and your team and how much does player feedback influence your development process?

Kei Hirono: We really look forward to the feedback of the users. With regards to how much the feedback affects our game itself , Of course we have a main storyline that we can’t change so drastically and there’s also a the game’s balance that we have to consider as well.

That being said, there have been a lot of instances when we added more story to highlight certain fan favorite characters. There was also feedback that fans wanted certain things to happen so we tried to make that happen as best we can. There was also a case when a certain character was supposed to die but the fan base really liked that character so we kept them alive.

Hiroki Fujimoto: We always have our ears open to our players and to our fans. Every time we have a fan meeting or have a Fan Fiesta or we go to different countries to meet the players, we directly hear their comments and feedback and we take it seriously. 

What inspired the groundbreaking collaboration with Katy Perry and Ariana Grande?

Kei Hirono: Actually we recognize that you are all media and one of the good things that you do is to share information to the public. We just wanted to reach out to the users in different ways. So what we thought off was having a known celebrity actually be involved in the game and actually share the game towards their fans.

With War of the Visions, as of the moment we currently don’t have any concrete plans as to who we’re going to collaborate but we have our channels to the community open for suggestions.

What were your greatest challenge in creating War of the Visions?

Kei Hirono: It’s actually the character design. We wanted to make sure that people who played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius still will feel that they like these characters and the world they’re in even though the theme and concept is a bit different. War of the Visions is set in the same world but has to have the look and feel of War and battle.  We also had the balance to think of, as well as what would be accepted globally.

Another thing is we wanted to implement how Final Fantasy Tactics feels as a game so we collaborated with the original designer of Final Fantasy Tactics (Akihiko Yoshida). That being said, we also wanted to cater to the new players as well so it’s the balancing between the old concepts and themes with the new lore of FFBE is what we found was most challenging.

With War of the Visions, Can we expect familiar characters from Final Fantasy Tactics to make an appearance in the game along with their signature abilities?

Kei Hirono: War of the Visions is indeed very much inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and we respect those elements that are within that game. When you finally play the War of the Visions, you will find skill, abilities and systems which are similar to those Tactics.

However, with regards to the legendary characters, as of right now upon launch in Japan, we can announce that there will be a collaboration with characters from Final Fantasy 14. Please look forward to other exciting characters and collaborations in the future.


Now Reading: Big Updates, FF Tactics Gameplay, and Everything about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at ESGS 2019
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