BlizzCon 2017 exclusive Winston skin and hero ultimate updates also included in Halloween Terror Patch

Junkenstein’s Revenge and the new Halloween skins aren’t the only things that came with the recent Overwatch Halloween Terror update. Winston has also been given a new BlizzCon 2017 exclusive skin; last year, it was Bastion that got the BlizzCon exclusive.

While the Winston skin is available now in-game, it can only be unlocked by purchasing a BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket. For those unfamiliar with the item, the Virtual Ticket enables buyers to watch Blizzard’s gaming convention live at home.

The Winston skin is not the only freebie that comes with the Virtual Ticket. There’s also a wide range of items for Blizzard’s other titles, including: a Nexus Razorback mount for HotS, a Diablo 3 pet, Starcraft 2 Skins, and more.

Hero Ulitmate Ability Updates

Also updated in the Halloween Terror patch are the Hero Ultimate abilities. Previously, cancelling an enemy ult can be frustrating, given that they still retain they’re ult charge once they respawn. Now, Blizzard has tweaked how hero ultimates work – Ultimate charge is now immediately expended when a hero’s ultimate ability is activated, instead of depleting over a short period of time.

For example, before when you kill an ulting Genji, he still retains his ult charge if he was killed early into his ultimate’s animation. Now, when he presses the ultimate button, his charge gets depleted instantly. These changes mean that cancelling an enemy ultimate is much more rewarding now.

Aside from these major changes, D.Va was also given a new option in line with her recent changes. Players are now given an option to manually hold her booster button, instead of toggling.