Cloud9 continue their Regional Qualifier streak, books their tickets to 2017 World Championship

The third and final seed of North America at the 2017 World Championship is finally locked in and for the third time in a row, Cloud9 survived the Regional Qualifiers.

Both teams had tasted what it’s like to perform at the World Championship but only one team would survive the day and secure their ticket to China for the 2017 World Championship.

Cloud9 seemed to have fixed their issues from the Summer Split and the Playoffs as they opened the series with a dominant victory over Counter Logic Gaming in a quick 35 minute game. This win was despite a strong start from CLG. Game 2 was no different but this time C9 had to come back from an even bigger deficit than Game 1. C9 capitalized on the mistakes from CLG and slowly clawed their way back into the game in an epic 42 minute game. In the end, C9 took the Nexus and took the 2-nil lead in the series.

CLG wasn’t willing to go out without a fight as they played their hearts out in Game 3. Despite an early lead for C9, CLG won a massive teamfight in front of Baron pit which allowed them to take Baron and take the gold lead for themselves. They then rode this momentum to take down the Nexus of C9 in 31 minutes to deny the sweep.

Riding the momentum from the previous game, CLG had a good start to Game 4 giving over kills to their AD Carry, Stixxay. C9 looked more focused with Worlds in mind, as they took a surprise Baron at 24 minutes and took kill on the back of it as well. Despite attempts from CLG to claw their way back into the series and the game, C9’s jungler and AD Carry, Contractz and Sneaky, respectively, had other plans in mind as they dealt enough damage to keep themselves ahead. A massive team fight after taking Elder Drake at 50 minutes gave C9 the kills to gain advantage in taking the Nexus turrets and Nexus to take the last seed at 2017 World Championship.

Cloud9 has always impressed towards the end of the Split and this year is no different as they took care of business yet again the Regional Qualifier. With the North American third seed locked in, the roster of teams at 2017 World Championship is complete. Cloud9 will have to fight for the spot at the Group Stage by surviving the Play-In Stage along with Team WE from China, Fnatic from Europe, and HK Attitude from the LMS region.



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