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Discovery Channel’s New Documentary Focuses On Esports
Posted by Raphael Leynes on July 16, 2019

Discovery, one of the world’s most popular producers of documentaries and in-depth studies, has partnered up with MSI to create ESPORTS: THE RISE OF THE NEW KING.  The almost hour program is themed around the thriving esports ecosystem and helps shed light on how gaming has rapidly evolved from a pastime into serious top-tier sports. Global esports organizations and tournaments, game publishers and popular games, esports teams and fans worldwide, as well as the design and manufacture of top gaming gear, all play major roles in propelling the esports industry forward.

Watch the trailer here:

 Tony Qiu, Discovery’s VP and GM for Greater China and Korea spoke about the growing popularity of esports and gaming and how Discovery has put more focus on the goings on of the industry:

“Discovery is more than a channel. We are the world’s #1 IP content provider who has delved deep into vertical content in hopes of engaging the audience and powering their passions. With esports surging in popularity, we have seen its potential and launched Discovery Games Studios to create games inspired by various TV shows from Discovery’s properties.”

Qiu also talked about how their partner MSI is one of the significant catalysts to the rising popularity and success of esports:

“MSI’s unsparing devotion to esports not merely captures worldwide attention, but also attracts world-renowned media Discovery to run this program. Through this detailed video, all audience will get in-depth understanding of the esports ecosystem while realize MSI’s role as a mover and shaker who spares no effort to promote esports through MSI’s highly acclaimed gaming hardware & software, stunning game immersion jointly designed by game developers, and global esports sponsorships of teams and tournaments,”

To watch the full version of ESPORTS: THE RISE OF THE NEW KING, check out the following local broadcast times.

Local broadcast time @ Discovery Country
4th August (Sat)22:25 Australia
10th August (Sat)22:50 Southeast Asia [Singapore], Philippines
10th August (Sat)21:50 Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Local broadcast time @ Discovery Asia Country
3rd August (Sat)21:50 Southeast Asia [Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines]
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