Dota 2 7.13b brings more tweaks to hero attributes

After just two days after 7.13, 7.13b comes to Dota 2 and with it comes hard changes on Strength heroes as well as tweaks to attributes of all heroes in the game.

7.13b reads:

* Strength heroes base movement speed reduced by 5
* Strength heroes base armor reduced by 1 (except Doom, Io, Lycan, Phoenix, Timbersaw, Tiny)
* Intelligence heroes base strength increased by 2 (Except OD, Tinker and Bane)
* Strength gain for the following heroes increased by 0.3: Dark Seer, Death Prophet, Ember Spirit, Leshrac, Nature’s Prophet, Necrophos, Pugna, Queen of Pain, Ursa and Visage

With the continued prominence of Strength heroes like Dragon Knight, Tiny, and Underlord, Valve looked to tap the early game of such heroes. Significant buff for unfavored heroes such as Leshrac, Ember Spirit, Pugna, and Ursa also came with 7.13b as most Intelligence heroes’ base strength increased as well their strength gain per level.

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