ESL One Katowice Day 3: Fnatic, Vici advance to semis; Kinguin, LGD, OG out

Both Kinguin and LGD Gaming exit ESL One Genting at 9th-12th place after their losses today, while OG finished 7th-8th place after losing to Liquid 2-0. Whereas, Vici Gaming and Fnatic showed amazing surprises today, advancing to the Semi Finals by defeating top teams Virtus.Pro and Team Secret, respectively.

Liquid quickly dealt with OG in an elimination match to usher themselves into the quarter finals. With a 2-0 victory, they have earned their slot to compete with Team Secret in another BO3 series.

Team Secret, meanwhile, faltered after a very unexpected ending against FnaticTeam Secret was the clear favorite in the match up, winning DPC Majors and other tournaments beforehand. However, come Game 3 of a very intense match, Fnatic‘s  Saahil ” UNiVeRsE Arora  pulled a rabbit out of a hat: in a late-game skirmish where they lost their Position 1 Razor in two minutes without a buyback, UNiVeRsE‘s Underlord decided to use Dark Rift and head straight to Team Secret’s throne. In the midst of the chaos, Fnatic was able to destroy Secret‘s throne directly, and it was too surprising and well-planned for Secret to react.

Fnatic not only advances to the Semi-Finals, they have also secured at least 225 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points. Currently, they are ranked 10 in the DPC race, and could very well advance to top 8 if they win again and go to the finals.

Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses are set to face Newbee in an elimination match where the winner will secure their Quarter Final berth. After that BO3 series, Team Secret vs Team Liquid will be facing each other again — this time, in a BO3 Quarter Final match.

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