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Evo 2019: Bonchan takes home first Evo title for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on August 05, 2019

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi finally took home an Evolution Championship trophy. He did so after a thrilling Grand Finals against Adel “Big Bird” Anouche in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Bonchan, being a veteran within the fighting game community, has only fought in the Grand Finals at Evo one previous time back in Evo 2014. But even with a twice to beat advantage, the Japanese player faltered against Olivier “Luffy” Hay.

This year, like Evo 2014, Bonchan looked strong throughout the tournament. A strong performance was exactly what he had to do with over 1,900 entrants including veterans like Ricki Ortiz, JWong, Momochi, Itabashi Zangief, Daigo, Luffy, and GamerBee to name a few.

The Japanese veteran held on to his spot in the Upper Bracket throughout the competition and continued to tear through the competition until the Winner Bracket Finals. This includes wins against Momochi, iDom, and lastly, Infexious in the Finals.

While Big Bird, on the other hand, dropped to the Lower Bracket just before the Top 8 in the hands of iDom. Big Bird refused to go down without a fight as he tore through the Lower Bracket. The player from the United Arab Emirates held his ground against YANGMIAN, Machabo, Fujimara, and lastly, Infexious to book his ticket in the Grand Finals.

In the Grand Finals, Big Bird started strong after taking two quick games, showing his mastery on Rasheed. Despite being 2-0 in the series as well as being on the receiving end of a couple ‘Perfect’ round from BigBird, Bonchan showed his own strength on Karin. He quickly took two games back.

Both players traded rounds in the fifth game. For the Emirati, a win meant a reset in the bracket while a win for Bonchan meant his very first Evo title. The Japanese veteran ultimately rode the momentum and took Big Bird to close out the tournament.

Photo: Evo Facebook

After many years, Bonchan finally took home the title of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Evo 2019 champion, along with USD 31,706 (around PHP 1,651,000).

Featured photo: Capcom Pro Tour

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