Five Cyberpunk Games to Play While Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077’s Release
Posted by Paolo Arciga November 16, 2020

By now, it’s old news that the release of CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has once again been delayed to December 2020 from its previous November 2020 date. The game has gone through a series of delays that has lately become somewhat divisive for fans of the studio. Some would argue that the delays are just too much and that they’ve lost interest in the game, while some still stick to the Shigeru Miyamoto adage, “A rushed game is forever bad.” Whichever side you’re on, there’s no doubt that all the hype around Cyberpunk 2077 must have piqued your interest in the cyberpunk genre.


After all, Cyberpunk 2077 is hardly the first video game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. There’s much more where that came from, and much more to play while 2077 is still weeks away from hitting the shelves. If you’re looking for a quick cyberpunk fix to whet your appetite for one of this year’s upcoming G.O.T.Y. contenders, here are five great games to play while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077’s release.





Ruiner is a super stylish top-down shooter game set in 2091 where the urban metropolis  Rengkok is controlled by Heaven, an all-seeing and all-powerful conglomerate. You play as an unnamed, masked protagonist whose mask (which is more like a helmet) receives messages from a hacker, telling you that Heaven has kidnapped your brother and the only way to save him is to shoot through hundreds and hundreds of Heaven’s goons. The game is an action-packed mix of Transistor and Hotline Miami, and with a 6 to 10-hour campaign, it’s a great cyberpunk experience that you can finish in a day.





Cloudpunk is an exploration adventure game by indie developer Ion Lands. The game features a voxel art style and mostly vehicle-based gameplay. You play as Rania, a delivery driver for Cloudpunk, an illegal company that allows the shipment of even the shadiest of goods. As you make deliveries from location to location, you’ll be able to walk through the neon city to converse with its inhabitants and make decisions on your shipments that’ll affect the game’s ending. 


The game is more story-rich than it is action-heavy, and it’s perfect for when you want to play a cyberpunk game without having to wrap your head around complex combat mechanics or equipment loadouts. It’s basically cyberpunk slice-of-life.





Observer, which you’ll find on Steam stylized as >observer_, is a cyberpunk horror game developed by Bloober Team, the studio responsible for the Layers of Fear series and the pretty-good Blair Witch video game from 2019. You play as Daniel Lazarski, a policeman from the Observers division with the ability to hack people’s brains to aid in investigating crimes. As you step into a mystery-laden crime scene, a greater mystery begins to unfold, and you’ll have to solve it with your cop’s intuition and mind-hacking abilities. 


Just like the studio’s other games, Observer boasts extremely well-crafted environments and manages to maintain an overarching sense of suspense throughout its 7 to 8-hour playtime. For fans of old school puzzle adventure horror games, this is the cyberpunk game for you.


VA-11 Hall-A



We’ve covered VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action in a previous article last July, which you can check out here, but if you’re looking for a quick summary, VA-11 Hall-A is basically every cyberpunk game except you’re given the role of someone who’s essentially an NPC: the bartender. In VA-11 Hall-A, you’ll be serving drinks to every kind of dystopian creature out there, and as the bartender, you’ll have the privilege of getting to hear their stories as they down one chemically-charged drink after another. It’s another great crossover of the cyberpunk and slice-of-life genres, and its mix of simulation gameplay and compelling stories make it well worth its 10 to 20-hour playtime.


The Shadowrun Trilogy



Arguably the mother of all cyberpunk video games, Shadowrun is a tabletop role-playing game whose origins date back to the late 1980s. When the cyberpunk genre rose in popularity alongside the iconic works of author William Gibson, fans of tabletop RPGs began working on cyberpunk versions of Dungeons & Dragons, with the most popular of them being Shadowrun. 


Just like Dungeons & Dragons eventually became the foundation for countless isometric RPGs, Shadowrun was adapted into a series of PC games, the latest of which is the Shadowrun trilogy. Having been released from 2013 to 2015, the Shadowrun trilogy carries all the lore and gameplay mechanics of its predecessors, while updating them for a more modern audience.


The game will feel familiar to fans of isometric RPGs, but instead of medieval fantasy, you’ll be treated to cyberpunk lore that’s been around for decades. With a long history of cyberpunk inspiration behind it and gameplay that’s easily accessible for the uninitiated, there’s no better entry point to the genre than the Shadowrun trilogy. 



So those were five great cyberpunk games to play while we wait for CD Projekt Red to finally grace us with Cyberpunk 2077. Do you have any strong opinions on the game’s delays? Are you still planning to get a copy on day one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And for more news on the latest game releases, be sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page

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