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Globe, Mineski Look to Set Esports Ablaze With Team Liyab
Posted by Raphael Leynes on February 08, 2019

Globe Telecom, in cooperation with esports stalwart Mineski, has made their first major foray into competitive esports by establishing a new esports team dubbed “Liyab”. In a press event held Thursday at Globe Tower BGC, the massive telecom giant revealed the big announcement citing it as its newest and most exciting resolution to bring esports and gaming to the forefront of their brand.

Liyab” which translates to “Blaze” in tagalog, has set its sights on three games across Mobile and PC to specialize in, namely: The widely popular collectible card game Hearthstone; the streamlined mobile MOBA experience Arena of Valor; and the massive PC MOBA juggernaut, League of Legends.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu speaks of the team’s powerful imagery and symbolism behind the name “Liyab”

“Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global esports events” 

The team will be honed and trained using the latest techniques, strategies, sports science and even physical training regimens to ensure they are ready to become the best of the best. As such, Liyab aims to make a splash not only in the national esports scene but also in the regional as well as international arena as well.

Mineski CEO and President Ronald Robins had this to say the formation of the team and its role in furthering esports in the country and beyond

“With the proper management system, we strongly believe we can overcome the hurdles and set an example for many to follow suit as well so to make each country competitive with each game and also to promote a stronger region overall”

Globe is no stranger to the esports scene having put up various major esports tournaments in the recent years such as Globe Conquerors Manila for League of Legends, Valor Cup for Arena of Valor and The Philippine Pro Gaming League for LoL, AoV, Tekken 7 and Rules of Survival.

Meet the Firestarters

The press event also served as an introduction to the individual that will compose the respective divisions of Team “Liyab”. They are as follows:

Hearthstone Division

Cara “Cara Cute” Rechelyn De Dios

Arena of Valor Division

DS Lane:       Jeremiah “1717” Querubin Camarillo

DR Lane:       Jevan “Bents” Delos Santos

Mid Lane:      Kevin “Gambit” Kio Dizon

Jungle:          Miguel “Miggie” Banaag

Support:        Lawrence “Rubixx” Gatmaitan

Coach:          Jeejay “Peaceboy” San Jose Ordiales

Manager:      Robert “Reality” Evangelista

League of Legends

Jungle: Edrian “DoeDoii” Brancia

Mid: Eric “Exosen” Allen Gubatan

AD Carry: Bae “Gari” Yong-jun

Top Lane: Joo Young “GGAMZA” Lee

Support: James “Hamezz” Santos

Sub Top: Lance “Kaigu” Hernandez

Sub Support: Gerald “Tgee” Gianne Gelacio

Coach: Akarawat “Cabbage” Wangsawat

Play it Right

One of the most interesting revelations from the press event was that Liyab also seek to champion Globe’s #PlayItRight advocacy that seeks to change the gaming and esports habits of the country as well as its perception to the public.

Globe President Ernest Cu speaks more about the topic:

“We are now positioning gaming and esports like a real sport for Filipino gamers to follow. By focusing on the total development of the esports athlete such as Physical Wellness, Nutrition, Discipline and Cognitive Development, this provides gamers an avenue to progress to a professional level.”

With initiatives such as these, various organizations stepping up in support of esports in the country, and talented, dedicated athletes from around the nation, Philippine esports looks ready to set the world ablaze

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