Heroes of the Storm is getting an improved early game this 2018

Since last month, Blizzard has been slowly giving out new info on the big changes coming to Heroes of the Storm this 2018, including the reworked stealth mechanics and performance-based matchmaking. Now, Blizzard revealed their planned changes to the HotS early game to make the laning phase more meaningful and exciting.

Laning Stage Changes

One of the biggest changes that will affect the early game is the removal of ammunition for towers, forts, and keeps. This means that players will be more likely to attack with their minion wave when pushing, as compared to passively waiting for tower to run out of ammo. To compensate for this, minions can now tank a bit more damage and hit harder.

Standalone towers are also being removed, as they aren’t useful in most situations. For balance purposes, true sight provided by towers will be shifted to keeps, so stealth heroes won’t become too overpowered.

Regeneration globes will also be given tweaks. Globes dropped by enemy minions switch from allied to neutral after 3 seconds, meaning enemy heroes can also make use of these regen globes. This should make for a more tactical approach to laning.

Battleground Mechanics

Battleground objectives timings will also be simplified to put an emphasis on proper laning. The first objective will spawn after the 1:30 mark on  Blackheart’s Bay, Braxis Holdout, and Dragon Shire; while the first objective will spawn after 3 minutes for the rest of the battlegrounds.

Objective information will also be given at a more uniform rate. Players will receive info that an objective will spawn in 30 seconds. The minimap will also reveal where the next objective will appear to help teams plan for them much more easily.

Mercenary Camps

Three mercenary camps will also be given changes. The first of which is the Knight camp which will include a Knight Wizard which buffs nearby allies’ armor for better pushing. Hellbat camps will also be given buffs; enemies hit by hellbats will have their armor reduced for a few seconds.

Finally, players will be able to dodge Siege Giant attacks when fighting in their camp. This will be done as players can already dodge Siege Giant attacks when in the lane.

These early game HotS changes should go live in the main servers early next year, though no release date has been confirmed yet.