Killjoy Has Arrived: We Break Down The Look of Valorant’s Newest Agent
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 29, 2020

The newest agent for Riot’s hot new shooter Valorant has just been announced! Killjoy is a tech-based agent who will definitely be making waves in the meta by locking down objectives and spring traps on unsuspecting foes with her powerful area control and denial abilities!


Here’s the trailer:


Riot Games has also kindly furnished us some cool concept art which we’re more than happy to break down. Let’s get started!



Right off the bat, Killjoy’s design pops right off the page thanks to the bright and bold color choices. Our eyes go immediately straight to her bright yellow jacket which not only lightens up her whole image but also gives her a strong, unique silhouette—something which I found lacking in most of the other agent’s designs.


There’s also more color present here that with other agents. There’s the purple accents on her jacket; there’s some blue in the lining of her jacket collar, armband screen, and backpack straps; and there’s also an understated amount of green on her bonnet, thigh holster straps, and kicks!



Killjoy’s overall look gives off a vibe that’s equal parts hacktivist, digital artist, and video game streamer. There’s an air of rebelliousness and non-conformism to her design as well as a sense of playful self-expression.


Going into some of the finer design elements of her ensemble we see that her jacket is a lot more functional and tactical than it initially looks. There’s a lot of cushioning and padding around the elbow and neck area and there are built-in carabiner loops and holes for her grenade pack to attach to. All of this contrasts the casual looks of her ripped jeggings and footwear with the tongue out. This suggests that Killjoy might not come from a military background but perhaps a civilian recruited by Valorant for her technological skill. 


I’d like to add that I’m a huge fan of the tactical belt bag.


Speaking of technology, what I find as the most interesting element of Killjoy’s design is the hands. As the main thing that players see when playing as the agent, I appreciate that they put a lot of thought into her hand designs



First off I love how Killjoy’s gloves are similar to graphic designer’s gloves but inverted and with touchpoints on the tips that light up when she operates her armband/wrist array. The wrist array works sort of like a smartwatch or sorts where Killjoy chooses her desired drone to deploy and it gets digitized to life on the battlefield. Additionally, I think the matching yellow nail polish on her exposed fingers is a brilliant touch.



There’s also an underlying theme highlighting Killjoy’s love of animals. Her drones look like robot animals that she might consider pets. Her turret resembles a tiny chicken, her trap behaves like a sleeping dog, her grenade is like a little hermit crab and the ultimate is like a little spinning bunny. They’d be so cute if they weren’t so deadly!


Finally, I love that in the final scene of the trailer, they show Killjoy’s workshop resembling an awesome gaming/streamer den with its pastel colors and bright neon “Killjoy” signage! She’d be right at home in an episode of GG Network Stream Machine.


That’s about it for Killjoy’s design, we’ll be breaking down her skills and abilities next! Stay tuned!


What do you think about Killjoy? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out Familiar but Not Too Familiar: Valorant Month One Review and Deadly Premonition is the Best Worst Game You’ve Never Played


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