MPL-PH Season 7 Week 2: Blacklist International Leads Pack
Posted by Yuri Mangahas April 01, 2021

It’s been two weeks since the start of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League’s seventh season, and things are heating up already as Blacklist International leads the rest of the pack in a stunning 6-1 record – the highest the team has ever logged in the history of the league.


Blacklist Sweeps Playbook To Secure Group B Lead


After a historic reverse sweep against the former MPL champs Aura PH, Blacklist International does the unthinkable and destroys a resilient Playbook Laus Esports in a two-game Saturday shocker. 


The boys in black-and-white fielded Diggie at the first game and lured PBE’s heavy hitters into a feeding frenzy, shutting down Aspect’s chances of farming his Granger. With the enemy cores not hitting their power spikes, Edward’s Benedetta moved to take out the entire PBE team in one string, allowing Blacklist to siege the base and take Game 1.



Not wanting to lose momentum, the V33Wise combo went into play as OhMyV33nus’ Popol and Kupa played as a support to power Wise’s Brody. With all resources stacked into the marksman, Wise went for the kill and strategically pawned each member of PBE. Blacklist literally checked the newcomers as PBE’s heroes went on disarray at the closing minutes of the match.


Work Stuns Nexplay in First MPL-PH Victory


As the old adage says, the first time is always a charm. The same can be said for Work Auster Force, as the newcomers played it by ear and outlasted Nexplay on Day 3 of Week 2.


NXP made efficient work of the newcomers in Game 1, as the duo of RENEJAY and H2wo repelled Work’s attempts in sieging their outer turrets. While 3MarTzy did what he could to slow NXP’s invasion, victory proved inevitable as Dogie’s squad claimed the second Lord to hammer the proverbial nail. 


The next two games didn’t play out in NXP’s expectations as 3MarTzy rallied the rest of the troops and slugged back against the boys in blue-and-white. 3MarTzy’s Uranus logged an impressive 11-1 record to stir up Work’s spirits, while Kousei and rTzy provided sufficient kills to even the match. Work decisively closed the match by driving Chuu’s Hayabusa to an early power spike in Game 3, allowing the prodigy to wreak havoc on NXP’s ranks.



After two weeks of legendary battles, the standings are as follows:



Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – PH Season 7 airs from Fridays to Sundays on GGNetwork TV’s and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page.

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