MSI 2018: Royal Never Give Up ends on top of the group

The Group Stage of the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational came to an exciting close as two tiebreakers were played to decide the top and bottom teams.

Both the Chinese champions, Royal Never Give up and the champions from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Flash Wolves ended the day with a 7-3 record. The Chinese team had momentum on their side as they tore through the Vietnamese champions, EVOS Esports and the North American champions, Team Liquid. The Flash Wolves had mixed performances in Day 5 as they dropped their game against Team Liquid but recovered to take the 2-0 head-to-head against the Korean champions, Kingzone DragonX.

On the other side of the table, European champions, Fnatic and Team Liquid were vying for position to take the fourth and final spot in the Playoffs. Fnatic stumbled in the day as they dropped both games Kingzone DragonX and EVOS Esports.

Team Liquid’s loss against the Royal Never Give Up at the end of the day forced the tiebreakers between the Flash Wolves and Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic and Team Liquid. The first of which settled first place while the latter settled which team carried on to the Semifinals.

The Chinese squad had an amazing start in their tie breaker with early kills for their AD Carry, Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. They used this to plow through the team from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau and claim the top spot of the Group Stage. The win also gave them the power to choose the team they’ll face in the Semifinals.

Fnatic, after their disappointing performance in the day, showed their class and mental fortitude as they played a more proactive game in the early game. Team Liquid went for a late game skilling composition but failed to turtle and get themselves to the late game. These factors made for a successful Fnatic comeback as they closed their day and the Group Stage keeping their Semifinals spot.

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