PGL Major Krakow – Day 1 Recap

The PGL Major at Krakow, Poland is one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments this year, and it’s now underway. The Major’s first eight matches were played on the first day (which just endes), and they did not disappoint!

As with most CS:GO tournaments, the PGL Major Group Stage uses a Swiss Format. Here are the full results of the Round 1 matches played on Day 1:

Gambit vs. mousesports opened the CS:GO major with a rather exciting match on Inferno. Mouz and Gambit traded rounds throughout the first half, but mouz pulled away in the second half, winning the game 16-10.

The Group Stage then saw some more fairly close matches, with teams such as FlipSid3 Tactics and PENTA Sports putting up good fights over established teams Fnatic and SK Gaming respectively. Though Fnatic and SK did win their matches in the end 16-12 and 16-13 respectively.

Upsets were also seen in the Round 1 matches, one such unexpected result was FaZe Clan’s loss over German team BIG. Their game on Inferno was even at first, with BIG only having a slim 8-7 lead coming into Round 16. But BIG dominated the 2nd half, as they won 16-8.

While not exactly an upset, Virtus.Pro looked much better in this Major compared to previous tourneys this year, as they routed Vega Squadron with a 16-2 victory on Nuke. This is hopefully a return to form for the Polish squad, especially as they’re playing in their home court.

The rest of the match results include C9 wining over North, G2 taking the game vs Na’Vi, and Astralis emerging victorious after a thriller of a match against Immortals.

Day 2 of the PGL Major Krakow will start tonight at 11:00pm PHT. You can catch the matches live on Twitch here.