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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Unites Gundam Wing, SEED, OO and Iron Blooded Orphans!
Posted by Raphael Leynes on July 16, 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia has just confirmed that the latest G Generation series game, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays will be released on 28 November 2019.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is a top-down tactical RPG that features SD version of your favorite Gundam Mobile Suits and Pilots across 4 different fan-favorite universes! Cross Rays unites characters from Gundam Wing series, Gundam SEED series, Gundam OO series, and Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans series all in one game to do battle for galactic freedom and supremacy!

Watch the launch trailer here:

The Standard Physical/Digital version for PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch and Premium G Sound Edition on Digital version will include 35 additional Gundam anime theme songs and OST music collections for fans of the show

There are also special bonus content for fans who purchase the game on Day 1 on the PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch:

  • The Monoeye Gundams Port

“SD Gundam G Generation Monoeye Gundams ported version“  was released in 2002 has been re-developed for PlayStationn4 and Nintendo Switch. Its story begins at the ending of the One Year War, where the main character Sig Wednner is actively involved as a Zeon pilot. Fight your way through the story of “Monoeye Gundams” with the reinforced unit!

Only available in Early Purchase Bonus! Pre-order it and walk down the memory lane as you replay the game!

  • An Additional Unit, Sisquiede (Titans Color) production list access

The original unit, Sisquiede (Titans Color) which appeared in “Monoeye Gundams” will be available to register and run through the 4 worlds together!

  • “Modifications: Starter Set” acquisition quest

The Modifications: Starter Set gives players Modifications which will help you to strengthen your units and advance smoothly into the game.

  • Add-On Armor 1                    Max HP +3,000
  • Energy Tank 1                        Max EN +30
  • High-Sensitivity Sensor 1     Accuracy +3%
  • Educational Computer 1       Evasion +3%
  • MS Extra Booster 1               MS/MA MOV +1
  • WS Extra Booster 1              Warship MOV +1
  • Additional Hanger                 Number of warship teams +1 (max 2 teams allowed)

There are also bonuses for those that avail of the Digital version of the game:

  • Premium G Sound Edition Announced!

Premium G Sound Edition includes additional 35 magnificent Gundam anime theme songs and OST music collections for PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™. Enjoy a breathtaking collection of Gundam music with 35 more tracks in addition to the music collection in the Standard version!

  • “Modifications: Starter Set” acquisition quest

Acquire useful abilities for character development from the “Modifications: Starter Set” acquisition quest!


  • Ranged Knowledge Lv.1:                  Range +1 for Ranged Weapons.
  • Melee Knowledge Lv.1:                   Range +1 for Melee Weapons.
  • Ranged Handling Lv.1:                    POW +500 for Ranged Weapons.
  • Melee Handling Lv.1:                          POW +500 for Melee Weapons.
  • Ranged Weapons Efficiency Lv.2:    EN Consumption -3% for Ranged Weapons.
  • Melee Weapons Efficiency Lv.2:     EN Consumption -3% for Melee Weapons.

※Bonus download will be available until 25 December 2019. ※Contents may be subject to change without prior notice. ※Please be informed that the Bonus Code may be available at a later date.

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