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Path to Adventure Takes Tabletop On The Go | The Download
Posted by Raphael Leynes August 29, 2019

Path of Adventure from developer Keeweed is a text-based, minimalist, rogue-like RPG for your mobile device.It’s essentially a single-player Dungeons and Dragons game that you can play on the go! We gave it the ole’ run through in this edition of our mobile games spotlight, The Download!

Monsters And Mobile Phones

Spiders. Why does it always have to be Spiders?

You play as an adventurer on the titular Path of Adventure. Your device serves as your Dungeon Master which will set the scene, manage combat and aid you towards progression in the game using any number of preset, randomly-generated scenarios. The whole experience is presented in a completely text-based UI designed like the parchment paper pages of a journal. The objective in each playthrough is to get to 50 scenarios which take the form of pages in a book. These scenarios range from exploring various dungeons, encountering enemies and traps, and running into merchants, veteran adventurers and other friendly NPCs. How you handle these scenarios will determine if you’ll take damage, debuffs or collect treasure, items and weapons that help you in combat as well as in traversing the world.

When you reach the 50 pages in any playthrough, you’ll reach the ominous Castle of Doom where a boss character looms in wait for you. The boss fight will take multiple encounters to finish as you run through the Castle with its own set of mini scenarios before you finally slay the Boss. Each time you beat 50 pages you unlock a new character class which feature different stats and starting items each progressively more difficult to play as than the last. You start off as a Novice, then successively unlock the Warrior, Assassin, Mage and Cleric


Swipe Right For Initiative


The combat in Path of Adventure follows a simple turn-based system and relies on only Four key stats: Life, Attack, Defense and Speed. Life is your HP points, Attack is the damage you deal, Defense determines how much an attack is reduced when defended and Speed affects the accuracy of your attack. When you are in combat with a creature you may choose to attack by selecting one of your four main weapons. If its Speed is high enough to hit it deals its Attack damage to the creatures Life minus by its Defense. After that, it’s the creatures turn to attack. At this point you may also choose to block with any of your available weapons. Continue until you or your foe’s life runs out. 

Another key factor to the combat however is Weapon Durability. Weapons and items in the game have limited uses and will break down if not used sparingly. This factors into the decision making in combat a lot of times. For example, You might have the killing blow on a creature but it will destroy your Sword of Flame, do you gamble with a lesser weapon which will prong the fight or do you sacrifice your best weapon?

There are also items and spells in the game that help you out in various scenarios. Torches, Swords of Flame and Fire spells light the dark and help you progress through traps and obstacles in caves. Keys, Lock Picking Knives and Sesame spells help open doors and chests. Mushrooms offer a temporary buff but take a point of your life when eaten. Whether you encounter these items all depend on how you handle the randomly generated scenarios or if you have enough gold to buy them from merchants. 

Live and Let Die

There is also a level up mechanic in the game as well. With each completed scenario, you gain experience. When you gain enough experience you are awarded an Elixir of Growth, which when used, will completely heal you, cure poison and upgrade any of your main stats i. e. HP, Attack, Defense, Speed. 

You die in the game if through one way or the other, your HP is reduced to zero. At this point, you’ll have to start a new game at Page 1. There is a resurrect mechanic in the game through the form of microtransactions. However, the developer explicitly states that Resurrection is not required to finish the game. It’s only available  so players have the option to do so while supporting the game if they so choose. The game is designed to be perfectly playable all the way through without ever touching the resurrect option. In my experience, the game has been fair in its fail states and the difficulty is always within reason. 


Critical Simplicity

Despite how complicated all the mechanics sound like, Path of Adventure is relatively intuitive and simple. An average playthrough usually takes only a few minutes. The minimalist presentation also allows for the game to be run on most devices without worrying about hardware limitations. At the end of the day, Path of Adventure captures the essential experience of exploration and imagination that games like Dungeons and Dragons are known for. Everyone looking for a concise, tabletop RPG experience on the go should definitely hop on the Path of Adventure and see what awaits them. 

If that sounds like something you would enjoy, give Path of Adventure a shot. You can download the game for free on Android and IOS.

If you tried out the game or if your have suggestions for games we should try out hit us up on the GG Network Facebook Page!

The Download will be back next week with another mobile game spotlight!

Till then, for the best of cool and quirky mobile games, keep it on The Download!

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