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The Nationals: Mika Fabella, Correspondent
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on April 21, 2019

The Nationals, the Philippines’ biggest esports tournament, has allowed quite a variety of talents to show the nation what they do best. From the different players to the VJs, correspondents, and casters, each has shown their passion and love for esports and their respective craft.

With the conclusion of the first Dota 2 conference, we saw Mika Fabella in action as one of the correspondents of The Nationals. We were able to got to know more about Mika before the action in the league began, we were able to ask about how she began and what led her to being a correspondent in The Nationals.

Mika began in the world of performing arts as a ballet dancer and then took on production work. Ultimately, it was her love for gaming that started her on the road that led to being a correspondent for The Nationals. Her gaming journey began with role-playing games (RPGs) like the Elder Scrolls series and games developed by Blizzard. She eventually found her way to Overwatch, which she now considers her main game.

I’m actually a Blizzard nut. Everything Blizzard. But I also play a lot RPGs (role-playing games), Monster Hunter for one. I looove the Skyrim Elder Scrolls series. Right now though, it’s mostly Overwatch which I continue to play every single night.”

But it was Playbook Esports that took gaming to a whole new level for her. After being offered to be a streamer and a talent for them, they also mentioned that she should try and audition for a host position in GG Network. This would eventually lead her to trying out for The Nationals.

So I was backed and supported by Playbook Esports. They were ones that were just pushing and encouraging me because I guess they saw something in me and I’m super thankful for that. They are just some of the best.”

She admitted that the games in The Nationals are games that she doesn’t normally play but she’s willing to try her hand at them in preparation for The Nationals.

I will definitely pick up and play the games at The Nationals! I do have a bunch of friends that play Dota 2 and I’ll admit, the first time I played Dota, I didn’t truly enjoy myself. I was turned off by the fact that you had to buy gear and you couldn’t take your time and check out how it looks like. But I’ll definitely look to playing Dota 2.”

She has since picked up Dota 2 with her friends and played Crystal Maiden as support. Once she’s more settled in with the game, she mentioned that she will look into trying more heroes and roles.

Her preparation doesn’t just come in the form of playing the games though, as she acknowledged that she’d have to watch the previous games of the different teams and pick up as much as she can from the VODs and reading up on the available material.

Looking forward to her new role as a correspondent, she hopes that her experience as an event host helps her. It has taught her improvisation and being able to keep the ball going.

My background is mostly as an event host. When you do host events there’s a lot of improvisation and keeping the energy going. I think that’s going to help especially since as a correspondent, when the action stops, you have to keep the momentum going for the next game, and the next game, and the next game. I hope that helps me!”

But for Mika, it’s being in the middle of the esports action that excites her the most, having missed out on experiencing on The Road to The Nationals in person. Her regret began when she saw the excitement and passion in the videos.

I’m really excited to experience it first hand. Because you know, you just see news and read articles and I’ve never been able to really be in there. To like, see everyone cheering, the excitement and everything. So I’m just really excited to be able to feel that, to be right smack in the middle of all the action.”

Watch Mika Fabella and the rest of the DOTA 2 casters and courtside reporters at The Nationals, the biggest esports tournament in the Philippines.

Catch the action on 5 Plus, the home of esports on free TV every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also watch the livestream via the 5 Plus website, and on OneSports via CignalTV for paid TV.

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