The Nationals S2: Bren, Omega Open MLBB Conference With Back-to-Back Sweeps
Posted by Yuri Mangahas November 19, 2020

The top two teams in the initial season of The Nationals’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang conference made a strong statement, as both Bren Epro and Smart Omega swept their respective series to open Week 1 of Season 2. If anything, this will indicate the kind of competition the other teams need to expect from the league’s championship-tier squads.


The Season 1 champions met the reformed Happy Feet Emperors team on the first day of the tourney. Bren struggled in capitalizing their early game advantage in the initial phase of Game 1, as HFE prioritized snuffing Kolin’s Pharsa and Ejhay’s Khufra, leaving enough room for JAYPZ to disrupt the champions’ movements. However, it was a well-timed outplay from Coco that sealed the deal for Bren. With both Kolin and KarlTzy getting their respective power spikes, the team barreled their way through HFE’s outer turrets and went for the Lord uncontested to take Game 1.


Bren’s first match marks Kolin’s debut in the second season of The Nationals. (Photo: Bren Esports)


Not wanting to let HFE spring back and extend the series, Bren finally fielded the services of Ribo and Pheww as the champs moved to deploy a well-rounded draft punctuated by Brody and Ling in Game 2. Thanks to a quick turtle play, KarlTzy’s Ling managed to snowball early in the game and repelled HFE’s attempts in pushing the gold lane. While HFE caught on Bren in terms of killcount, the champs shaved the top lane clear and capitalized their massive gold advantage to snowball their heroes and decimate HFE.  


KarlTzy put a lid on HFE’s hopes of extending the series.


Meanwhile, Smart Omega fought a close game of attrition against their former rivals Cignal Ultra Warriors as both teams played it by ear and relied on tacit rotations to land pickoffs. RHEA’s Masha mounted enormous pressure on Omega’s exp lane, while the Season 1 runner ups focused on stealing objectives across the map. Little by little, Omega snowballed the gold gap and contained the Comeback Kings within their base, allowing the boys in black-and-green to take out the Lord and carry out a decisive siege to end the first game.


Toshi’s Chang’e dealt massive damage input to CUW amid its support configuration.


The problems continued for Cignal Ultra in Game 2 as Omega contained the warriors at the sidelanes despite an early turtle kill from the boys-in-red at the third minute of the match. While Cignal Ultra managed to secure their second turtle buff and cement a 1k gold lead at the five-minute marker, Hadjizy and Kurtzy slipped past the Comeback Kings’ defenses and destroyed a few turrets at the middle and exp lanes. Thanks to a sneaky Natalia play by Kurtzy, Hadjizy broke free from his leash and took out three heroes from Cignal Ultra, leaving the third turtle and the lord ripe for the taking. With all winning conditions fulfilled, victory became inevitable for Smart Omega.


Haze’s Jawhead helped Smart Omega secure their lord kill, leading to a decisive victory over Cignal Ultra. (Photo: The Nationals)


After a series of exciting matches, the current standings for Season 2 are as follows:



Catch Season 2 of The Nationals from Wednesdays to Sundays on GG Network, One Sports, and The Nationals Facebook page.

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