The removal of Sightstone in League of Legends PBE

Riot Games released a recent developer corner post where they announced the removal of the support item Sightstone and other core support items in the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The items that will be removed includes Sightstone, Ruby Sightstone, and the active branches of Frost Queen’s Claim, Face of the Mountain, and Talisman of Ascension.

Instead of having to buy a Sightstone, the ward active will be made a quest reward to the Tier 3 support item. The quest reward will also be lowered to 500 gold from 750 gold. Upon completion and upgrading, the Tier 2 support item will give players a maximum of 3 wards at a time and can be replenished by going back to the fountain. While players will get a maximum of 4 wards stored with the Tier 3 upgrade.

The Tier 3 items will now build out of Tier 2 and a Ruby Crystal, and give players the same stats as the respective “Eye of the __” upgraded Sighstone in the live servers. Given this, it seems like Riot has returned to the single upgrade option for the three starting support items instead of the option between one that builds of Sightstone and one that gives a utility active.

One of the biggest reasons according to Riot for the sudden change in vision is to give support players the freedom to build earlier without the mandatory 800 gold purchase early in the game. This change came following the Ardent Censer meta wherein support would rush the Ardent Censer instead of the Sightstone. Despite the change in first item from support, Riot noticed that games didn’t break down from a lack of early vision.

They also mention that they will look into bringing back the actives of Frost Queen’s Claim and Talisman of Ascension to return in modified form. A possible replacement for the Frost Queen’s Claim is a modified Twin Shadows which was the predecessor of the Frost Queen’s Claim and sent ghosts to hunt enemy champions for a slow and vision.

One active that will not make a return is the active of Face of the Mountain which gives a shield to the player and an ally which after a few seconds explodes and slows nearby enemies.

The change will definitely make the game much more interesting, especially for support players, but its addition comes at such a peculiar time, the beginning of a new season.

Expect this change to be rolled out in either the next patch or the next two patches.



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