The Resident Evil Showcase Debuts Gameplay from Resident Evil Village and RE: Verse
Posted by Paolo Arciga January 22, 2021

Capcom announced Resident Evil Village back in June 2020 with a trailer that left more questions than answers and ended with Chris Redfield once again looking nothing like he did in previous games. It was followed in September by a slightly more enlightening 2nd trailer, which led up to this month’s Resident Evil Showcase.


The 15-minute livestream hosted on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel was short and sweet, packed with announcements and not one, but two gameplay demos. Here’s a quick recap of all the major details from the Resident Evil Showcase.



The livestream started with the 3rd trailer (also referred to as the “Story Trailer”) for Resident Evil Village, showing off more of the game’s vampire lady antagonists as well as a few hints at the game’s plot. Why is Chris holding a baby? How does everyone in the castle know about Ethan Winters? Could the bearded, sunglasses-wearing man at the end of the trailer be Albert Wesker?


As if to pre-empt any expectations of these questions being answered in the livestream, the trailer was quickly followed by a series of announcements by RE: Village producer Peter Fabiano, with the biggest announcement being that RE: Village will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. When the game was announced in June 2020, it was only announced for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, but Fabiano confirmed that the RE team is hard at work trying to optimize it for “last”-gen consoles. 



After confirming the game’s release on more platforms, Fabiano also gave us a release date: May 7, 2021, with pre-orders available starting today. Finally, for those who are lucky enough to already own a PlayStation 5, you can play a “visual demo” for Resident Evil Village called Maiden, which you can find alongside the game’s pre-order bundles on PSN


If the livestream stopped at just those major announcements for RE: Village, it would’ve been enough to keep fans pleased, but the Showcase had another game to debut: RE: Verse. To celebrate Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, the RE team are working on a multiplayer Resident Evil game that’ll feature all of the series’ fan-favorite characters. Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, who provided an introduction for the RE: Verse trailer, didn’t yet disclose the exact gameplay mechanics of RE: Verse, but a look at the trailer can tell you this much: it’ll be multiplayer, it’ll have cel-shaded graphics, and it’s likely to be a mix of the battle royale and asymmetrical multiplayer genres. You can watch the trailer for RE: Verse here (age verification required).



RE: Verse will come free with your purchase of Resident Evil Village, so you’ll have something multiplayer to play on the side when you want to take a break from the castle of scary vampire ladies. If you’re interested in joining the RE: Verse closed beta, you can check out the game’s official site here.



Are you looking forward to Resident Evil Village? And what do you think of RE: Verse being a multiplayer shooter with beloved RE characters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And for more news and updates on upcoming releases, make sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page.


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