TNC Is Shaping The Future Of Philippine eSports

It is truly an exciting time for eSports in the Philippines as TNC Philipine Holdings Inc., a local eSports company held its grand opening last October 10, 2017 at the Felomina Building in Cubao, Quezon City, which is also the new official TNC headquarters.

TNC is now a company that is set to focus heavily on developing and enhancing the eSports scene in the Philippines by targeting multiple gaming platforms. Ensuring the growth of the eSport industry in the Philippines is among their primary goals. The founding of the company will give opportunities to aspiring gaming athletes and will secure more breaks for new players with the goal of establishing a professional future in eSports.

“Ensuring the growth of eSports, it doesn’t stop there. TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. will dive into innovations, research and development, high level marketing to further the quality of growth of eSports in the Philippines. ” says Lester Ryan Wong, the CEO of TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. Their ambition stretches far beyond our homeland, as they aim to strengthen their conviction globally in the future.

“Having TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. will only mean more pro teams are going to be created. From having only a Dota 2 team, now we have League of Legends, CS:GO, CRossfire, Hearthstone and a Dota 2 female team – the TNC Amazons. With the help and support of the Games and Amusements Board’s accreditation, eSports will be the next big thing. This is only the beginning.” says founding Chairman Eric M. Redulfin.

Among the highlights of the grand opening event was the public introduction of the new TNC Female Dota 2 team – the TNC Amazons. After holding auditions last July 2017, they now have a squad of five female Dota 2 players.

Aside from creating more opportunities for gamers who aspire to be professional athletes, the company will also strengthen their main business of building cyber cafes.

In the near future, TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. plans to hold large scale eSports events and expand the company further. Merchandise and TNC gear will soon be available to the public.

What lies beyond this milestone? Redulfin and the team hopes to expand and create an international presence for TNC International Holdings Inc. aside from the Philippines in the future.

“We want the whole Southeast Asia to shine and claim its spot as the world’s eSports capital.” says Lester Ryan Wong.

From a small Dota team to a bastion of the eSports scene known the world over, the whole TNC Company was established by Mr. Eric M. Redulfin. What started as Redulfin’s humble cyber cafe business with only 4 computers has now turned into 100 Cyber Cafe branches with a total of 12,000 gaming rigs.

Spread the word, eSports is going to be the next big thing and TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. is at the forefront. This is only the beginning.