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VICTRIX|Momochi bags Asia Premier 2019 championship!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 16, 2019

Japanese veteran Yusuke “VICTRIX|Momochi” Momochi claims the Asia Premier 2019 title giving him a whopping 1,000 points which in turn allowed him to secure his spot in the Capcom Cup 2019.

The Asia Premier 2019 is the second of three Super Premiers in the Capcom Pro Tour. The tournament was held in Chiba, Japan and featured some of the big names in Street Fighter. The veterans included CYG BST|Daigo, DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief, RISE|K-Brad, Justin Wong, and UYU|Oil King, to name a few.

VICTRIX|Momochi already had an impressive season. Coming into the Super Premier event, he held 20th place in the global standings and a second-place finish in the first Premier Event of the season – Final Round.

The Japanese veteran looked to continue his performance as he dominated throughout the tournament, refusing to drop to the Lower Bracket. Along his path of destruction included fellow Japanese player, DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief which went the full three games but ultimately earned VICTRIX|Momochi his spot in the Best of 8.

It was in the Best of 8 that VICTRIX|Momochi looked even more impressive tearing through UAE player, Amjad “NASR|AngryBird” Alshalabi and fellow Japanese veteran Hayashi “Mago” Kenryo in the Upper Bracket Semifinals and Finals, respectively.

Both NASR|AngryBird and Mago would cross paths in the Lower Bracket Final after the player from UAE held on against Tsunehiro “RED BULL|Gachikun” Kanamori. NASR|AngryBird opened the series with a 2-0 lead but Mago found his stride and closed out with a reverse sweep. The win set a rematch of the Upper Bracket Finals between Mago and VICTRIX|Momochi.

Mago started out hot, winning both rounds of the first game with a Perfect round to boot. VICTRIX|Momochi was unfazed by the statement win from his opponent as he took two games clean. The fourth game saw the two veterans trade rounds leaving Round 3 as a deciding round of the series and the whole tournament. VICTRIX|Momochi started the round with a deficit but found an open in the closing seconds of the round. The health lead built by Mago was for naught in the end, as VICTRIX|Momochi inched out the final round for the crown.

Mago bagged 500 points in the Capcom Pro Tour while NASR|AngryBird settled in third with 300 points.

The Capcom Cup 2019 will feature 32 of the best Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players of 2019. At stake is not only the Capcom Cup championship but also USD 250,000 (around PHP 13,000,000). It will be held in The Novo Theater in Los Angeles, California on December 13-15, 2019.

Featured photo courtesy of capcomprotour.com

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