World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Announced: New Raid, Dungeon, Season 2 PVP
Posted by Christer de Guia February 22, 2021

In case you missed the announcements in BlizzConline, Blizzard has shed the veil on their first content update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands!


In Chains of Domination, players will get to dive deeper into the seemingly endless labyrinth of Torghast, the Tower of the Damned and strike against the Jailer. Quite a piece of exciting news as the players were left hanging in the last cutscene at Torghast involving Sylvanas Windrunner and Anduin Wrynn.


*minor spoilers below for those who haven’t finished Signs of the Lion quest line*


Korthia, the City of Secrets, new endgame zone

I guess you can call it a reclaimed land | Image: Blizzard Entertainment


With the help of Sire Denathrius’ anima hoard, the Banished One hauled Korthi, a huge chunk of domain pulled into the Maw in search of a key to fulfill his twisted designs. The endgame zone is an expansion within the Maw, which will feature new quests and activities.


Revenge of the Covenants

Power Overwhelming | Image: Blizzard Entertainment


With the help of players restoring anima to the kyrian, night fae, necrolords, and venthyr, the four covenants are ready to strike back and launch an assault against the Jailer in the Maw and Korthia with new daily quests similar to Battle for Azeroth.


NEW RAID: Sanctum of Domination

Ah [redacted], here we go again. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment

For lovers of Torghast quests, you’re in luck: the Sanctum of Domination is a 10-boss raid within the Tower of the Damned. Players will encounter the true Eye of the Jailer and get a chance to strike back at Tarragrue (the monstrosity that chases you once you run out of lives in your Torghast runs). At the end of the raid, players will come face-to-face with the Banshee Queen herself.


NEW DUNGEON: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Everything has a price… if you continue your subscription. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Who are these Brokers anyway and what do they really want? Patch 9.1 introduces a new mega-dungeon called Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. It’s an 8-boss Mythic mega-dungeon set in a bazaar of the Brokers who are in the market for powerful artifacts from Azeroth.


Endless Supply of Anima and Content

If one has to face the Banshee Queen, might as well look cool doing it | Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Chains of Domination will introduce new seasonal Mythic Keystone affixes themed around the Jailer’s power to make endgame Mythic runs a little more challenging and/or infuriating. The new patch will also introduce new Covenant cosmetic armor sets for all classes, as well as expanded Soulbinds and Conduits.


And finally, players can unlock flying in the four realms and explore of their own volition. The best part? Mounts can now heed our call at the Maw!


This is good news to most of us and bad news who suffered at the Twisting Corridors. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Is Anduin now dubbed Lich King 2.0? Are Alliance players ready to take revenge against the Banshee Queen? Let us know in the comments! You can find other BlizzConline announcements from Hearthstone, Diablo II, and Overwatch on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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