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The Content Creator’s Dream Machine: Asus Strix Scar 17 Review
Long live the king
5 Strongest Videogame Families
Dark Souls is tough but nothing is tougher than family
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Takes Jin Sakai To Iki Island
Missed opportunity for Director’s Slash?
Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Dead By Daylight
You need Dead by Daylight in your life!
Magic: Legends Announces Shutdown After Just 3 Months of Closed Beta
GG Magic: Legends
Jet Set Radio Had Absolutely Zero Chill
Well that escalated quickly.
The Most Promising Indie Games of E3 2021
We found all the best Indie games of E3 and put it all in one place!
The Rainbow Six Siege Boardgame Trailer Makes Doc Look Like A Badass
Doctors Without Borders Indeed
OlliOlli World Looks Very Different And We Are Here For It
If you haven’t heard of OlliOlli or its sequel Welcome to Olliwood then you’re missing out on one of the best skating game experiences in video games. The games were minimalist side-scrolling 2D versions of your favorite skating games that featured gorgeous visuals, an energetic but chill soundtrack ,and a simplified zen-like approach to its …
Trese Has Taken Over Metro Manila
The release of the hotly-anticipated Netflix anime-adaptation of local comic book Trese last week has turned Metro Manila into almost an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) of sorts thanks to its ingenious marketing campaign, where the Metro Manila depicted in the pages of Trese is seemingly making its way into the real world and blending into …
E3 2021: Ubisoft Forward Reveals R6 Extraction, New Mario x Rabbids and An Avatar Game
Ubisoft Kicks Off E3 2021!
Web Comic Artists Are Fighting in War for Rayuba Using Their Own OCs
War… War Has Changed
Rainbow Six Siege Asia Really Needs A Language Queue
In a game where communication is key, Asia has a problem.
Trese Brings The Kambal, Laman Lupa, and the Santelmo to Brawl Quest!
You know the Kambal are ready for any rambol
Excuse Me, Far Cry 6, Was That A Macarena Gun?
Resident Evil’s Jill, Leon and Nemesis Enter Dead By Daylight, Zombies Included
This one’s sure to go viral
Overwatch 2 will be 5v5, Only One Tank Allowed
There can only be one
The Best Skill In Diablo Immortal Is A Horse
This is a place for a horse
Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 Livestream this Friday Will Focus on PVP
Overwatch 2 announcements Incoming
The Nationals’ New Faces and New Format Are Blazing a Trail!
New Season, New Rivalries
These Magic The Gathering Full Text Lands Are Everything
Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Upcoming Project That’s Ever Been Announced
Now that looks like a party to me
The Six Invitational 2021 Happens Today!
Lock and load!
The Wasteland has Come to Rainbow Six Siege
Witness me!
Diablo Immortal is Getting the Crusader Class in New Closed Alpha
The gates of Hell open once more!
The 5 Craziest Things I Found Out About Marvel’s Shang-Chi
You won’t believe the things, people and dragon that he’s punched!
Aimlab Now Has Training Regimen Specifically For Rainbow Six Siege
Potato Aim No More
The New Valorant Map Breeze is Going Be Sniper City
Riot has unveiled the newest map to make port in its tactical hero shooter, Valorant and it’s poised to become a haven for snipers and long-range assassins as it is for pirates and seafaring scallywags.    The new map Breeze is set on a nameless remote island situated somewhere south of the Bermuda Triangle. From …
It’s Possible to Play Red Alert 2 On Your Smartphone
Touch screen, reporting.
Razer Invitational– North America Announced, To Kick Off 2021 Season
The Razer Invitational is back!
LOL Wild Rift, MLBB, PUBGM Among 8 Titles Chosen For 31th SEA Games Esports
It’s SEA Games time once again!
Once Again, The Best Thing In the New Warframe Update Is A Song
And it’s a Sea Shanty nonetheless!
I’m Here To Talk To You About Our Lord And Savior Rainbow Six: Siege
In Siege We Trust
Every Skin in Overwatch Archives 2021 Is Fire
Dat Drip
Literally Every Hidden Character We Found in the Space Jam New Legacy Trailer
Last week, Warner Bros. released our first look at the highly anticipated remake of the iconic animation masterpiece Space Jam called Space Jam A New Legacy, starring Lebron James. While we fully expected that by the movie’s very nature, that the classic Looney Tunes such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, and Lola Bunny were …
Riot Games Finally Announces Valorant Dating Sim on April Fool’s Day
As of the past few years, League of Legends developer, Riot Games has been earning the plural form of their moniker by diversifying its game catalog. Since 2019 they’ve launched autobattler Team Fight Tactics, collectible card game Legends of Runeterra, mobile MOBA League of Legends:Wild Rift, and the tactical shooter Valorant. Today on April 1st, …
Rainbow is Magic Once Again
Don’t miss your chance to taste this rainbow!
A Fizzle Not a Spark: Magic Legends First Impressions
It’s in dire need of some mana-fixing
Magic: Legends Open Beta Is Now Live!
Untap, Upkeep, Draw!
Everything We Know About Sony’s Acquisition of Evo
Evolution has evolved
No Biggie, It’s Just A Checkmate and 1v3 Valorant Clutch At The Same Time
No biggie
5 Bad Videogame Endings That Made You Regret Finishing the Game
Why do good things have come to an end? Especially these video games.
Tom and Jerry Chase Is A Better Game Than I Ever Thought Possible
Cat’s out of the bag, Tom and Jerry Chase is a banger
The Nationals Opens Up Format To Amateurs and Students To Foster New Generation Of Esports Champions
Look no further, this is your chance to be an esports athlete!
CARPIOMAN Takes Tokusatsu to the Barrio! An Interview with Producer Chris Cantada
Holy Sheep!
It’s Been 616 Days Since The Last Marvel Movie
Can you believe it’s been that long?
Valorant’s Newest Agent Astra literally has a Galaxy Brain
Check out the newest star of Valorant!
There’s About To Be A Lot Of Diablo In Our Future
Best sharpen your steel for the coming horde
Rainbow Six: Siege Year 6 is Kind of InsaneㅡExplosive Drones, Streamer Mode, and Jill Valentine Skin Incoming
Siege gets Attacker Repick, Jill Valentine Skin, and a Board Game?!
Catch the full Tamashii Nations Experience with GreattoysOnline.com’s Tamashii Figure Fes 2021
Have a fantastic figure festival!
The Best Skin in the Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021 Event is For an NPC
Happy Year of the Ox! But if we’re being honest, our hearts are celebrating the Year of the Tiger.
Riot Cracks Down on Running Rifle Kills and Diamond 3 stacks in Latest Valorant Patch
The new patch for Riot’s hit tactical hero shooter Valorant adds two major changes to the game: Less Running Rifle Kills and no more Diamond 3 5-stacks before turning Immortal!   Less Run and Gun Riot is cracking down on rifle kills while the player is moving by decreasing the error penalty when doing so …
Everything You Need To Know About The First Ever Valorant Challengers Philippines
Welcome all challengers!
Well, Dark Souls is Halo now
This week in crazy Dark Souls mods
Dr. Juggernaut is Real and is Coming to Hurt You
And that’s not even the worst of your troubles
Here’s Our Best Guess at Valorant’s Lore and It is Pretty Dark
Multiverses? Parallel Earths? First Light? If we get this right, we Riot!
Be The First to Try Ragnarok M: Eternal Love’s Biggest Update Yet!
The BETA is almost upon us!
Here’s the Next Wave of Playstation 5 Pre-orders in the Philippines!
May the odds be ever in your favor
Geeks and Gamers Guide Returns this Thursday!
GGG has rejoined the lobby!
What We Learned with EA Losing Star Wars exclusivity
A new hope arises for Star Wars games
VALORANT Art Breakdown: What does Yoru’s Concept Art tell us?
Yoru’s so cool!
Cyberpunk 2077 Says We’re 56 Years Away From This Technology And It Might Not Be Wrong
Frankly, some of this stuff is terrifying.
We Gave Each Other Weird 200 PHP Steam Games for Christmas
GG Network Crew played “Clandestine St. Nick” or to the normies:  “Secret Santa”. We weren’t disappointed 
Cover 2 Cover: A Retrospective on 20 Years of NBA 2K Cover Athletes | Part 2
The Devil You Know: Diablo Immortal Hands-on Impressions
They’ve Done it: Diablo Immortal is Diablo on our Phones
Skål and Bones: The Full Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Review
“Only those who wander find new paths”
It Lives! Diablo Immortal is Happening
And it’s looking pretty good!
Spelltable Lets Us Play With Our Nerd Cards Again
Magic back in the menu, boys!
The Fastest-Selling PC game Record Was Broken Twice Within The Last Three Weeks
World of Warcraft Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077 both crossed the mark within just 18 days from each other!
From Page to Stone: An Interview with Overwatch Stone by Stone Author Christie Golden
We sat down with the author of Overwatch’s page by page turner Stone by Stone!
Chess in 2020: How One of the World’s Oldest Games is New Again
This is one 2020 curveball that we’re happy to catch!
NBA 2K21: FlipTop Hits The Blacktop
Old School or New School?
How I Became The Perfect Wrestling Fan in the WWE Thunderdome
I became an audience demi-GAWD
Riot Games Announces Valorant Champions Tour for 2021!
Do you have what it takes to be the best in the world?
FIBA ESPORTS OPEN II: Australia Pulls Off Stunning Upset Against PH for First FIBA Esports Championship!
Here’s what went down during the weekend of exciting virtual hardcourt action!
I Feel Weird About Raiding In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
Hopefully, there’s more to it than just Skal and bones.
There’s Just Spiders In Star Wars Now, Which Sucks For Me, An Arachnaphobe
This wasn’t how the Force worked!
FIBA Esports Open Returns on Nov. 14-15; Team Pilipinas Set to Continue Winning Ways
Team Pilipinas will be defending their conference crown with a new challenger.
There’s a Cobrai Kai Game and I Can Not Deal
Put ‘em in a beat-em-up!
Hayop Ka!, Proof that Philippine Animation is Ready to Tell Better Stories
Is the new animated film from Rocketsheep Studios the bee’s knees or a one-trick pony?
We Breakdown Valorant’s New Agent: Skye!
Welcome to the Jungle
Everything You Need to Know About Valorant: Act III!
We’re on the third Act of Valorant, here’s everything that’s coming your way!
This is Not a Drill: New Jackbox Party Pack Comes Out This Week
Genshin Impact Has Brought All the Glorious Distraction of Side Quests To Mobile
Now Mobile Gamers will know TRUE freedom!
The Next Gen NBA 2K21 Will Be More Than A Visual Upgrade
It’s whole new ball game
My NBA Success has Caused Me and My Virtual Best Friend to Drift Apart
Success changes people. In the case of my 2K21 MyCareer, its causing me and bestfriend to drift apart
Tokyo Game Show 2020: The Biggest News from Koei Tecmo!
Koei Tecmo with the big bombs!
NBA 2K’s $250,000 USD MyTeam Unlimited Tournament is Kicking Off Right Now!
You can pre-qualify right now!
Batman: The Three Jokers is Less About Clones and More of An Exploration of Trauma
It’s more than a tale for laughs
5 Creepy Moments in Unsuspecting Games
Is Spooktember a thing?
Cover 2 Cover: A Retrospective on 20 Years of NBA 2K Cover Athletes | Part 1
Let’s look back at 20 years of NBA 2K Covers!
Thanks Prince of Persia, Now I Don’t Know the Difference Between Remake and Remaster Again
The line in the sand has been blurred again
The Nationals is Back! Here’s Everything Thing You Need To Know!
It’s back!
Korea’s PROMY Dominates First-Ever NBA The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament
Here are the results of the first-ever NBA 2K20 The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament!
Badass Magic Granny, Lola Tsora Joins Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi!
Nandito na ang Lola niyo!
NBA 2K21: New Shot Stick, 2K Beach, and WNBA Questions Answered by the Devs!
Will the Bubble be in the game? Find out inside!
Gotham Knights: Who are the Court of Owls?
Top Asian NBA 2K20 Teams Set to Compete in The Pacific Pro-Am Tournament!
A new and exciting NBA 2K20 Tournament is set to take the court!
Is the Avengers Game Worthy? Our Avengers Beta Impressions
Can we do this all day?