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A gamer with a love-hate relationship with League of Legends. Strategy games, sandbox survival games, and classic JRPGs are other genres that tickle his fancy. While he has many years into World of Warcraft, nowadays, it's the vast lore that interests him.
Five memorable esports moments in 2019
It’s been quite the year for esports but we’ve picked five moments that made this year extra special for esports.
Five Games to play during the holidays
Here are five (or six) game titles that we think you’ll enjoy throughout this holiday season!
Five favorite Sibol moments at the SEA Games 2019
The 30th SEA Games has come to a close but we just can’t help but remember five of our favorite moments from the national esports team, Sibol.
Pacific Championship Series details officially announced!
A new League of Legends league that merges Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia!
Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 tickets now on sale
Tickets for the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 have gone on sale
Valve Releases Two New Heroes And Big Updates With Patch 7.23
Welcome to Dota 3?
Sibol has one last showcase at Send-Off Party
One last hurrah for Sibol before they compete at the 30th SEA Games next week!
Our Five Favorite MDL Chengdu Major moments
The great escape, big combos, and everything in between, here are five our favorite moments from the MDL Chengdu Major.
TNC Predator brings home MDL Chengdu Major Championship!
TNC Predator reigns supreme at the MDL Chengdu Major!
Sibol Spotlight: Andreij “Doujin” Albar
Doujin has struggled through balancing school and his pro career but his resolve has only gotten stronger. He’ll look to prove himself and the country at the 30th SEA Games.
The Story of Shenmue So Far
After many years, the Kickstarter-supported Shenmue III is finally out but here’s a little catch-up with the story so far.
EVOS Legends crowned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Champions!
Indonesian team EVOS Legends went the distance to win it all at the MLBB World Championship 2019.
Five new features in Pokémon Sword and Shield
Here are five new exciting features with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!
Sibol Spotlight | Boomy
A Dota 2 veteran with a lot to prove, Boomy is ready to take on the challenge with his team at the upcoming 30th SEA Games.
Our Five Favorite Stories at the League of Legends 2019 World Championships
From the return of a legend to the Worlds stage to the dominance and crowning of the Chinese champions, here are five of our favorite stories at Worlds 2019!
League of Legends 2019 World Championship: The Phoenix flies high
FunPlus Phoenix are your League of Legends 2019 World Champions!
League of Legends 2019 World Championship: Then there were two
We’re down to the final two teams at the League of Legends’ 2019 World Championships that will battle it out for the Summoner’s Cup!
Sibol Esports Impresses at the 30th SEA Games Test Event!
Three events, three gold medals won by Sibol Esports at the Test Event!
Here’s what went down at Blizzcon 2019!
Blizzcon 2019 has come to a close and here’s our rundown of the announcements made at the convention.
What we expect from Blizzcon 2019
New additions to Blizzard franchises and a new expansion? Here are some of our expectations for BlizzCon 2019!
Here are some of the new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3
New vaccuum device, new multiplayer modes, and more, here are some of the new features coming with Luigi’s Mansion 3.
ESGS 2019: Three days of fun and activities
The biggest gaming convention in the Philippines once again lived up to the hype and then some!
Sibol partners with Smart for the 30th SEA Games
Sibol has announced its partnership with Smart Communications Inc. at a press conference earlier today. The cash incentive campaign from Smart called “Get Gold!” was launched and the test event was also announced at the press conference.
The Sibol x PBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang exhibition match at ESGS 2019
PBA players Kiefer Ravena and Ryan Araña joined Sibol – MLBB in an exhibition match at ESGS 2019!
Our Five Favorite Booths at ESGS 2019
Here are five booths that caught our attention at ESGS 2019!
Five Artist and Merchandise booths to visit at ESGS 2019
Merch, stickers, art, here are five booths we recommend you to check out at ESGS 2019!
Here’s what you can expect at ESGS 2019
Here’s what you can expect to see at ESGS 2019!
Another year of exciting esports and gaming at ESGS 2019!
Games, esports, and tech, ESGS 2019 is set to give gamers another exciting event this year!
A New Player’s Minecraft Experience in 2019
I played Minecraft in 2019, I may be late to the party but I get it and I love it!
Our 5 memorable moments from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Yes, we included the stuffed unicorn because why not?!
Five biggest roster changes in the Dota 2 post-The International 2019
From the overhaul of Team Liquid and Alliance, to the switch to the inactive roster of SumaiL on Evil Geniuses, here are five biggest changes in Dota 2 post-TI 9!
A quick recap of the Play-In Stage of Worlds 2019
The Play-In Stage of the League of Legends 2019 World Championships is now over; here’s a quick recap.
Fnatic, TNC Predator, and Team Adroit book their tickets to MDL Chengdu Major
Fnatic, TNC Predator, and Team Adroit are set to represent the region at the first Dota 2 Major, MDL Chengdu Major!
Rising To The Occasion: Sunsparks Secure MPL-Philippines Season 4 Championship
A reverse sweep that included a minion back door and a super minion comeback, SunSparks really shined when it mattered the most, at the MPL-PH Season 4 Grand Finals!
New Armor, Artifacts, And Other Features Found In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
The moon is dangerous but Shadowkeep has a few features to help you blast your way through the new content.
Daigo “The Beast” Umehara on his roots in fighting games and CPT 2019
The Beast shared his thoughts on fighting games, his love for the genre, and the future of competition.
Rev Major 2019: BC Tachikawa reigns supreme in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
Tachikawa took home the Rev Major 2019 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition championship!
Rev Major 2019: Ehada|NM MattGaw fights his way to the top of Mortal Kombat 11
Ehada|NM MattGaw found his momentum in the Lower Bracket and ultimately took home the MK 11 crown!
Rev Major 2019: AMTRS|Score dominates The King of Fighters XIV
Score took home the first of his two titles after dominating The King of Fighters XIV tournament!
REV Major 2019: c(x) BladedSnake bags SoulCalibur title!
The win wasn’t only for c(x)BladedSnake but also for the entire SoulCalibur community in the Philippines!
Dre Officially Joins The Playable Cast of ‘BAYANI’
Ranida Games has just released a new character and stage for BAYANI: Kanino Ka Kakampi?! and will hold a side tournament at REV Major this weekend!
LowHigh, JDCR, And Other Big Names To See At Rev Major 2019
It’s a star-studded cast of VIPs for this year’s Rev Major!
MLBB World Championship 2019 Group Stage date and tickets announced!
More details on the inaugural Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship has been announced!
Here’s everything you need to know about REV Major 2019
Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ are announced to be a part of their respective World Tours! Here’s all you need to know about REV Major 2019.
From Street Fighter To Tekken 7: A Brief History Of Fighting Games
From the 2D seemingly simple roots of Street Fighter to the growing complexities of modern Tekken 7 and beyond, here’s a quick history of fighting games.
A quick review of the 2019 Worlds Group Stage draws
Worlds 2019 groups have been drawn and boy was it interesting!
A quick rundown of League of Legends’ Worlds 2019
It’s that time of the year again for fans of League of Legends esports!
Sibol training and beyond
From SEA Games 2019 and beyond, here’s the plan!
VICTRIX|Momochi bags Asia Premier 2019 championship!
VICTRIX|Momochi earned his spot in the Capcom Cup 2019 after an impressive run in the Super Premier event, Asia Premier 2019!
Our five favorite trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2019
Here are five of our favorite video game trailers released at Tokyo Game Show 2019!
LPE.AK crowned The Nationals – Tekken 7 Conference 1 champion!
The young veteran, Alexandre “LPE.AK” Laverez becomes the first The Nationals – Tekken 7 champion!
Five new features of Borderlands 3
Here are five new things to expect in the new Borderlands 3!
A quick catch-up on Borderlands up to this point
Here’s a little catch-up on the story of Borderlands so far, in preparation for Borderlands 3.
NBA 2K20 officially launched!
NBA 2K20 is here!
A showcase of skill and talent at the Sibol National Training Pool Combine event
The full 76-player training pool of the national esports team, Sibol took to the stage last weekend to showcase their talents and prove that they deserve to be on the team!
Five places to visit in World of Warcraft Classic
The release of WoW Classic not only brings people back to the good ol’ days but also brings back some of the better days of some areas of Azeroth, here are five of these areas.
Five memorable moments at The International 2019
The International 2019 has come to an end but from a carry IO to spectacular runs from teams, the tournament has quite a lot of memorable moments. Here are five of our favorite.
OG crowned first two-time champions of The International 2019!
OG cement their place in The International history books as the first TI back-to-back two-time champions! Congratulations!
The Watch Has Ended for TNC Predator at The International 2019
The end of the season for TNC Predator but it was a valiant effort and we salute you!
The International 2019: OG and Evil Geniuses secure Upper Bracket Semifinals
OG and Evil Geniuses earn themselves a spot in the Semifinals of the Upper Bracket of The International 2019!
The International 2019: PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming successfully open the Upper Bracket
The two Chinese teams in the Upper Bracket found success in both their series. One stomped, while the other was pushed to the limit in an exciting series.
Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 10 series and more in the Philippines
It’s official, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Tab S6 are here!
Three new Teamfight Tactics Little Legends are here!
Three new cuties are ready to hit Teamfight Tactics!
The International 2019: Vici Gaming streak ends, OG dominates in Day 2
Group B in the Group Stage of The International 2019 has a new top dog, the TI8 champions, OG.
The International 2019: Team Secret and Vici Gaming undefeated after Day 1
The International 2019 Group Stage has begun! After the dust settled in Day 1, Team Secret and Vici Gaming are the only teams to keep an unbeaten record!
Ragnarok Online Fight Night 2 has begun!
A 56-vs-56 guild tournament for Ragnarok Online Valhalla server has begun to prove who’s the best among the guilds from the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
A quick rundown of The International 2019
Here’s a rundown of Dota 2’s The International 2019.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series officially launched!
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+ are here! (well… not quite in the Philippines just yet)
The new smartwatch from Samsung has been unveiled – the Galaxy Watch Active 2!
The latest smartwatch from Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been officially announced!
The Nationals: Poru, Tekken 7 Caster
Get to know how Poru deals with his nerves while casting and how he began his casting career.
Sibol, the Philippine National Esports Team open qualifiers announced!
The details for the Open Qualifiers for the Philippine National Esports team, Sibol has been announced! Here are the details and how you can join register.
The Nationals: Pica, Tekken 7 Caster
Player, coach, host, and more importantly, caster, Pica puts on the caster hat this time around for The Nationals!
Evo 2019: Bonchan takes home first Evo title for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Bonchan finally takes home the Evo 2019 championship!
Infiltration crowned Samurai Shodown champion at Evo 2019!
Infiltration fights his way to the top of Samurai Shodown at Evo 2019!
The Nationals: Ilustrado, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Caster
Get to know more about The Nationals’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang caster, Ilustrado!
ASUS opens new ROG concept store in Gilmore, Quezon City and unveils new products
ASUS ROG just opened their new store in Gilmore and announced their latest products.
Moonton announces MLBB World Championship, a major update, and more
From the Mobile Legends sequel – Mobile Legends: Adventure to an international tournament, Moonton made big announcements at Moonton Epicon 2019.
MSI partners with Discovery for esports documentary – Esports: The Rise of the New King
A new esports documentary from MSI and Discovery, Esports: The Rise of the New King!
Zybi Tech launches JuanCash and JuanExchange
JuanCash and JuanExchange, two financial technology app platforms from Zybi Tech has just been unveiled!
ASUS announces the ASUS ROG Phone II!
It’s official! Meet the new ASUS ROG Phone II!
5 Plus VJ Spotlight: RJ “GG_EZ” Arroyo
Get to know more about caster-host RJ “GG_EZ” Arroyo and what it means for him to take on his latest role as 5 Plus VJ.
5 Plus VJ Spotlight: Gino Quillamor
From radio DJ, to tv host, and now a 5 Plus VJ, Gino Quillamor has experience under his belt but now it’s right up his alley, video games and esports!
Trait changes in League of Legends’ Patch 9.14 for Teamfight Tactics
Here are the changes to the traits of Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.14 of League of Legends!
Five general Teamfight Tactics changes in League of Legends Patch 9.14
The first patch of Teamfight Tactics is here and it’s huge! We take a look at the general changes this patch.
The Nationals: Manjean, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang caster
Get to know more about one of The Nationals MLBB casters, Manjean!
Liyab Starcraft player, Enderr two wins away from StarCraft II World Championship spot
Liyab’s Enderr is only two wins away from securing a spot in the Starcraft II WCS 2019!
Philippine Pro Gaming League 2019 Mobile Legends Corporate league announced
The PPGL 2019 has included a Mobile Legends Corporate League! Represent your companies!
CONQuest Festival 2019 marks their most successful year with over 7,500 attendees
The student-run event, CONQuest Festival 2019 had its biggest attendance this year with 7,500!
Big changes coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.14
League of Legends Patch 9.14 is already looking exciting for Teamfight Tactics!
The new Lenovo IdeaPad and Yoga Ultrabooks have arrived!
Lenovo’s updated Yoga and Ideapad Ultrabooks are in!
Five biggest changes in League of Legends Patch 9.13
Qiyana and Teamfight Tactics are just some of the addition that comes with League of Legends Patch 9.13!
League of Legends 2019 World Championships headed to Europe!
Worlds 2019 in Europe!
Taiwan Excellence Esports Cup 2019 to be held in the Philippines!
A new tournament from Taiwan with a prize pool of PHP 360,000 will come to an end on October 4-5!
Onic Esports takes home the MSC 2019 championship!
A new champion was crowned at MSC 2019 held at the Smart – Araneta Coliseum!
Dota Underlords beta launches for Steam and mobile
Dota Underlords’ open beta is now live!
OPPO launches new flagship – OPPO Reno in the Philippines!
It’s official. The OPPO Reno has landed in the Philippine shores!
Five biggest changes in League of Legends Patch 9.12
A new patch in League of Legends that brings a Mordekaiser rework and the millionth Ryze rework. Here are the five biggest changes.
Ranida Games celebrates Independence Day with Early Access launch of Bayani – Fighting Game
The first all-Filipino made indie fighting, Bayani – Fighting Game has officially been released on Steam Early Access!
Dota 2 Auto Chess-inspired game mode, Teamfight Tactics coming to League of Legends
Riot Games will release their own version of Auto Chess named Teamfight Tactics!