Costumes, Quantum Masks, and Dingodile! Here’s Why We’re Excited for Crash Bandicoot 4
Posted by Raphael Leynes August 14, 2020

So ever since Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was announced, the newest entry in the series for well over a decade,  we’ve been absolutely foaming at the mask for more news about it! Luckily, in the latest PlayStation State of Play, we got to see a lil’ bit more of the prodigal Bandicoot’s return trip. In addition a fresh new artstyle and a dedication to classic Crash formula, There are some pretty exciting new features coming like new masks with different powers, unlockable costumes, a whole new game mode that remixes previous levels, and best of all, the ability to play as Dingodile!



Yup, I don’t know about you but this is a 10-year old me’s dream–to play as Dingodile in a mainline Crash game! I’ve always liked how just absurd and crazy this character was back in the day– He’s a cross between a Dingo and a Crocodile with an Australian accent, what’s not to love?–so he naturally became one of my favorites in the franchise.


Unfortunately, it seems like he’s retired the giant rocket jet pack and flamethrower number and given up the life of villainy and to put up his own diner. When this business runs into trouble of the “blowing up” kind then it looks like our fave Aussie reptile-mammal combo is back in action again. 


He looks like he’ll have some specifically crafted levels exclusive to his story in the game and he’ll have his own unique sets of abilities and or weapons. Hopefully, he’ll have to dust off the ol’ jetpack/flamethrower along the way!



Dingodile isn’t the only new character you get to play as, you also get to run through some levels in the game as the nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex! Using his laser pistol he can alter the state of different objects in order to make his way through the environment. 


Of course, You’ll also get to play Crash and Coco interchangeably across all the levels, which is a really nice touch as we’ll get to see Crash’s genius inventor cousin take a more central role in the game. Coco will also be more part of the story as well, instead of just relegated to sidelines like in the previous games. It’s about time indeed!



It’s also been revealed that Crash 4 will have different costumes for Crash and Coco to put on while going through each of the game’s levels. These are all going to be for cosmetic purposes and can only be earned via various challenges within the game. There will be absolutely no microtransactions! Yay!


From the State of Play footage we’ve seen Crash’s biker costume from the motorcycle levels in Warped, Pirate Crash, Martial Arts Crash and Party Crash to name a few. For Coco we saw her Unicorn Onesie, future Coco and Coco’s N. Gin cosplay. Or CoCosplay? Righhhht?


I’m sure the devs will be having fun cooking up some other cool and kooky costumes for our heroes and villains but all I want is for Cortex to have a Cortex Costume. 


Please please please. (Editor’s note: PLEASE, NO)



I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Crash Bandicoot is the hero we need right now because he recognizes the power of masks. In addition to all of Crash and Coco’s new moves like wall-running and rail grinding, the big gameplay addition for Crash 4 is the introduction of the Quantum Masks that govern all reality. Throughout Crash’s adventures he’ll be able to interact with each of the legendary masks that change the way you play a level. 


The two-sided Ika-Ika allows you to flip your center of gravity, falling to the top or bottom of the level at will. Kupuna-Wa will allow you to slow down objects in the level to allow you to jump through gaps, jump on platforms, and potentially dodge projectiles. Lani-Loli can phase objects in and out of reality, making for some trippy platforming segments.


There’s also a 4th mask but it hasn’t been revealed what it does. Hopefully, it’s a mask that will erase the image of that horrendous Crash Mind over Mutant box art from our minds. 


Please Toys for Bob. We’ve never been the same.




Finally, there’s the new N. Verted Game Mode that adds a little bit more spice to the game’s replayability. N. Verted mode gives players a way to replay previous levels but with a significantly different twist to them. In N. Verted Mode the different levels will be remixed with a whole new look or art style as well as given a whole new crazy gameplay hook that will change how you play them. We’ve seen levels changed to a literal inverted color palette, a colorless level where you have to splash paint onto the scenery and even a whole level altered to be totally submerged underwater!


N. Verted mode is probably one of the most imaginative and fun ideas for a game mode that we’ve seen come around and I’m excited to see what other types of kooky remixes that Toys For Bob have in store for us.


Overall, I’m just really happy to see that the new Crash Bandicoot game taps into a unique creative spirit that adds something new and fresh to the beloved classic Crash formula while maintaining the core elements of a fun, wild, and carefree adventure. Now that’s N. Novation!


All of this just makes me want to hop into a portal to October 22, 2020, and slurp up Wumpa fruits with my favorite Aussie Marsupials, Mad Scientist, and of course, Dingo/Crocodile hybrid.



Are you just as excited about playing as Dingodile as I am? Let us know in the comments below. For more Crash check out Crash Bandicoot is back with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! and It Seemed Like More: Looking Back at the Forgotten Crash Bandicoot Games

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