Every Skin in Overwatch Archives 2021 Is Fire
Posted by Raphael Leynes April 15, 2021

Blizzard’s game-changing hero-shooter Overwatch has really been knocking it out of the park lately when it comes to their seasonal event skins. Their latest, Overwatch Archives 2021 which runs from April 6 to 27 is no different! I daresay that almost every single new skin in this event from Diver Zenyatta to Bushi Genji and even bob cut Mercy is just filled with mad drip. You won’t want to miss this event!


Let’s open up the runway, shall we?

First up is Subaquatic Zenyatta! As the Overwatch’s resident wizened zen master, Zenyatta’s Epic Archives 2021 skin is possibly the chillest out of them all. He does sport a nifty copper paint job, some tattered brown robes, and a retro diver’s helmet in the vein of the Big Daddies from Bioshock to complete the solid look. I am especially a fan of the teal in the glass of the helmet and on Zen’s orbs that really make them pop out. 20,000 leagues under the sea must be a great place to meditate!


Up next is Mercy’s Epic Camouflage skin, where the motherly medic exchanges her white and gold trim uniform for something more tactical.  While the Olive Drab and Grey really make her blend into the background, what really stands out for me is her sweet new bob cut on her dark hair! Yes, you overextending DPS, Mercy would like to speak to your manager!


Round out the set of Epics is Lucio’s Corredor skin (which translates to “runner” in Spanish) Here the Brazilian musician from Rio trades in his mixer and speakers for this sick biker aesthetic! I love Lucio’s old-sZschool motorcycle helmet here which accommodates his orange ochre locks. I also love that the moto theme is all over the design with exhaust pipes on his backpack and muffler pieces on the edge of his dreadlocks. I could do without the Guy Fieri flames though leave those in Flavortown the next time you ride through.

On to the Legendaries!

This next trio of legendary skins is all about taking Overwatch back to the Revolutionary War. We have Cavalry Tracer here decked out in the iconic red coat look but translated in the futuristic Overwatch style which looks pretty awesome and wins points for historical accuracy too. The high button-down leggings are a stroke of genius for this design and I like how the shape of her Tricorne hat is reflected in the folded up sleeves and leather gloves. The Red Coats have definitely come to slay.


Up next, a fashion mover and shaker with almost every new skin, Widowmaker’s Mousquetaire. Arguably, this is the deadly sniper’s classiest look. The usually long flowing Tabbard, (the blue cloth that drapes over the ensemble) is cut down here to be more form-fitting which is very apropos for Widow. The suave, feathered cavalier hat, silver trims and bold fleur-de-lis on the chest to bring it all home. All for one shot and one shot for all.


The third and final in the Revolutionary War line is Soldier 1776 which is 76’s best impression of George Washinton’s duds. It’s quite becoming of him, yes? The straight-laced man with the plan, fighting from the shadows and doing whatever he can to help. What’s fun about this design is that these are still Soldiers classic colors—Red, White, Blue, and Gold— but remixed to effortlessly fit the uniform of the Continental Army. I also can not tell a lie, this skin is really, REALLY cool.

While this Polynitsa Skin for Zarya might easily be confused with ancient Chinese armor, its roots are actually ingrained deep in Russian history. The Platemail, thick leather straps, and the powerful red cape all scream medieval Bogatyr. Even the Dragon on Zarya’s Particle Cannon can also be attributed to Russia’s apparent fascination with the mythical beasts!



And finally the crowning glory of this set, Genji’s homage to the noble samurai warriors, the Bushi legendary skin. The layered armor plating looks absolutely tremendous here with its interesting notch holes and grooves. I especially like the addition of the waist and shin sashes that appear to fasten the armor together and give it a traditional feel. I’d also like to point out the inclusion of the metal waraji sandals which, while having possibly no tactical function, are very appreciated.




The Overwatch Archive event is live right now PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch which lets you experience Overwatch’s storied past. It features a new weekly challenge reward system and new Archives missions. Don’t forget to log in from April 6 to April 27 to lock and load the new cosmetics into your collection! 



Weekly Challenges are back but with a twist on how you earn rewards! With the new Reward System you’ll now earn stars as you play which you can use to unlock the cool rewards as opposed to the old method of using wins. Players also do not need to win to earn stars so you’ll have more chances of taking home that dream skin. 

Weekly Rewards: 

  •       Week 1

o   Earn double credit for Uprising Missions

o   Molten Cores – Enemies drop Lava on death

o   Glass Cannon – Players have 50% less health and increased damage

o   *NEW* Bulletproof Barriers – Enemy barriers are invulnerable

o   Earn 10 stars to unlock player icon, 20 stars to unlock spray

o   Earn 30 stars to unlock Corredor Lucio (Epic)


  •       Week 2

o   Earn double credit for Retribution Missions

o   Surgical Strike – Only critical hits do damage to enemies

o   Close Quarters – Enemies can only be damaged if a player is nearby

o   *NEW* Sympathy Gains – Damaging enemies heal other enemies

o   Earn 10 stars to unlock player icon, 20 stars to unlock spray

o   Earn 30 stars to unlock Subaquatic Zenyatta (Epic)


  •       Week 3

o   Earn double credit for Storm Rising Missions

o   Blood Moon – No Support heroes and healing is reduced; heal yourself by doing damage

o   Storm Raging – Some heroes are enraged; killing them spreads the rage

o   *NEW* Thunderstorm – Enemies damage all nearby players

o   Earn 10 stars to unlock player icon, 20 stars to unlock spray

o   Earn 30 stars to unlock Camouflage Mercy (Epic)

Drop by the official Overwatch site for more details!


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