Everything You Need to Know About MPL-PH Season 8
Posted by Yuri Mangahas July 15, 2021

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League has reached a new milestone as it officially transitions into a franchise model as part of efforts to converge various stakeholders, players, teams, as well as the community to foster the development of esports in the Philippines. The move, in essence, standardizes the management and operations of each participating team to ensure the protection and financial security of every player in the league.



Let’s dig deeper and check what’s in store for everyone in MPL-PH’s new format.



Of Revamped Rules and Bigger Prize Pools


The upcoming season will have a prize pool of $150,000, with a revamped rulebook and tournament format. The model will set new professional standards for teams, which will enhance their respective branding and marketing operations. Moonton will launch a developmental tournament dubbed the MLBB Developmental League (MDL) starting from Season 9. MDL aims to showcase grassroots and community esports teams and eventually bring them into the mainstream arena.



Moonton also noted that it expects all franchise teams to earn more than $8,000,000 (PHP 400,000,000) over the next three years in line with the league’s new diversified revenue model.


“It will provide players greater sustainability and protection – a goal that we’ve been working and striving towards forever since the inception of MPL PH,” said Matt Jaron, director of business development for MPL-PH at Moonton.



New Model, New Battles





Moonton will introduce MPL-PH’s franchise model in the eighth season, which is slated to begin on Aug. 13. The regular season will leverage a double-round robin format in which each team will play seven best-of-three matches across an eight-week period. The top six teams will advance to the playoffs for an opportunity to claim the crown and win the Lion’s share of the tourney’s $150,000-prize pool.



Meet the eight teams that will participate in the league’s upcoming season:



Blacklist International and ONIC PH





With their momentum at peak level, champions Blacklist International seeks to bring their code-breaking brand of play to the eighth season. The team retains its roster in season 7, with the inclusion of former Omega Esports frontliner and KDA machine Hadji, who joins the fray as the squad’s reserve core player. Blacklist looks to claim its second trophy and forge a new dynasty in the league’s history.


Meanwhile, ONIC PH has certainly gone bigger this coming season. While ONIC released several of its long-time members during the off-season, the team acquired the services of Beemo, Mico, Ryota, and most notably, former Aura PH midlaner Baloyskie to strengthen its bid for the championship. With Yeb at the helm as the team’s new head coach, ONIC promises to finally quench their hunger for the crown that has missed their sights for the past three seasons.



Omega Esports and Bren Esports





Fresh from their victory in the recently concluded 2021 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, Z4pnu, Ch4knu, Renzio, Kielvj, E2MAX, Kelra, and Coach Pakbet return to the MPL-PH arena under the banner of Omega Esports. While the former Execration squad made a statement as the strongest team in the SEA region, the Z4pnu-led team looks to derail Blacklist’s momentum and snatch their first crown in MPL-PH. Omega also acquires rising players Raizen, Hito, Dian, and Allidap to their fold for Season 8.


Truth be told, you can’t bring a good soldier down, as Bren Esports makes a triumphant return in Season 8. The Ducky-led squad retains its roster from Seasons 6 and 7, albeit with the addition of seasoned player Coco, Rimuru, Malik, and former Aether Main assassin L3bron. Will Bren manage to upstage their opponents and reclaim the throne?



ECHO and TNC Pro Team





Former Aura PH frontliners Rafflesia, Hadess, and Bennyqt joins MPL-PH household names Jaymeister and KurtTzy to form ECHO, the newest addition to the league’s growing roster. Young prodigy Limz returns to the professional scene under the IGN of Aaronqt, while rookie stars Aspect, Invoker, RK3, and former Dota 2 player Flysolo carry the banner of ECHO. Arcadia takes the newly-formed team under his wing as head coach, while SEAG veteran Daledalus will serve as ECHO’s drafting coach.


On the other hand, TNC has integrated super rookies Work Auster Force into their ranks to form their own MLBB professional team. 3MarTzy, Kousei, Chuu, Unravel, Der, Benthings, and P-GOD will be joined by MPL-PH veterans Toshi and Imbadeejay to trounce all opposition and stake their claim to the crown.



Nexplay EVOS and RSG PH





The Dogie-led squad enters the fray in Season 8 under the banner of Nexplay EVOS. The league’s Big Three (Yawi, H2WO, and RENEJAY) return to end their thirst for the crown, along with new head coach Zico. Former Omega Esports ace HAZE rejoins his old roots, along with rising rookies SanFord and Hesa. Will NXP EVOS finally end their drought and win a championship?


The newest team to join the MPL-PH roster, Malaysian team RSG finally branches out to the Philippines in a bid to conquer the local circuit. Seasoned players Kenji, Heath, Iy4knu, Exort, and Aquaboy will lead the charge as the team’s frontliners, while rookies Demonkite, Emannn, Nathzz, and MLBB streamer Ghost Wrecker will round up RSG Philippines’ roster.



The MPL-PH Caster Search





Moonton also partnered with The Madrigal Project to launch the MPL-PH Caster Search, a competition that seeks to bring rising shoutcasters to the mainstream fold. Caster hopefuls Beebimbapp, Brigida, Chantelle, Naisou, OSX, Santie, Sonah, and Jay Perillo underwent a gruelling three-day workshop to learn the ropes and strut their caster skills. Veteran sportscaster Noel Zarate and former Miss Philippines candidate Samantha Purvor also lent their hand and trained the participants during the workshop. 



MPL-PH is set to announce the winner of the competition prior to the start of Season 8.



Stoked for the league’s new format? Which team are you supporting in Season 8? Let us know in the comments!

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