Five Physics-Based Games You Can Play with Your Friends
Posted by Paolo Arciga September 24, 2020

Video game physics have come a long way since Mario first jumped over Donkey Kong’s kegs. As video game physics became closer and closer to simulating real-life gravity, game designers have taken the opportunity to work physics into their games’ core mechanics. Games like Besiege and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator rely heavily on in-game physics to provide their unique gameplay experiences.


Physics-based games have long been part of a niche: a physics-based game will usually be made by an indie studio, it’ll usually be priced between 200 to 400 PHP, and it’ll provide you with a few hours of fun only to find itself shelved on your Steam library shortly after, never to be opened again. But it seems that with the recent success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, games with mild physics-based mechanics might just find their way out of their niche through the magic of multiplayer.


If you’ve been on a no-crown streak on Fall Guys and you’re looking for other physics-based games to play, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five multiplayer physics-based games you can play with your friends.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service


The usual gimmick of physics-based games is to take a simple task and complicate it through exaggerated physics and janky controls. In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, your main task is to handle and transport packages from point A to B. It sounds easy enough until you find out that your right and left hands are controlled by the right and left trigger buttons, and that you have to manually control vehicles like boats, helicopters, and forklifts with the same weird control scheme.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a hilarious game to play with friends that accommodates up to four players through online co-op or couch co-op. There are plenty of laughs to be had as you transport bombs, live produce, and the most fragile of packages with the jankiest of machines. 




Swordy is a physics-based fighting game with a top-down view similar to MMORPGs. In Swordy, combat is carried out through a hold-and-rotate system controlled with trigger buttons and analog sticks (though the game also has keyboard and mouse support). While its physics-based mechanics are simple and mostly combat-oriented, it features several game modes such as Solo and Team Deathmatch, and Last Man Standing.


As a fighting game, Swordy offers some variety through its multiple weapon options, and each weapon has a specific weight and damage output to add to the game’s physics-based mechanics. It supports up to eight players on local co-op (playable online through Steam’s Remote Play), and it’s a hilarious multiplayer brawler experience due to how unpredictable the game’s physics are.


While Swordy is a fun game to play with your friends and a fresh brawler experience, it’s important to note that the game has been stuck in Early Access limbo, and has had no updates since 2017. That said, it’s still worth trying out if you’ve got some money to spare.


Beat Me!



If you’re apprehensive about getting Swordy because of its lack of updates, but you still want to play a physics-based arena brawler with your friends, then Beat Me! is another good option. Recently released last August after being in Early Access for over a year, Beat Me! is what you get when you give Smash Bros. a physics-based combat makeover.


Combat in Beat Me! is fairly straightforward, and it’s similar to a lot of Smash Bros. clones. Beat Me!’s physics-based mechanics mostly come in the form of environmental interactions found throughout its 100+ stages. You can use parts of the environment to evade, block, or even set up attacks. 


Beat Me! supports up to 6 players on local and online co-op, and it also features multiple game modes. While the game’s characters might need some more fine-tuning when it comes to power balance, Beat Me! is yet another hilarious brawler experience that’s best played with friends.




Chariot is a platforming game with mild physics-based mechanics, and it’s a unique multiplayer experience because it only allows up to two players. In Chariot, you and a friend of your choice are tasked with navigating landscapes while pulling on a wheeled chariot with  a rope. The two players each have their own rope, and there are several levels where you and the other player must work together and coordinate your chariot pulls in order to clear the stage.


Chariot is a great game to play with a friend or significant other if you want to test each other’s platforming and problem-solving prowess, as well as your teamwork. It’s basically the cuter platforming equivalent of A Way Out


Human: Fall Flat


Don’t let the simple graphics fool you: Human: Fall Flat is arguably one of the best executions of physics-based mechanics in a multiplayer game. In Human: Fall Flat, you and your friends are made to solve environmental puzzles to clear stages, and each stage has plenty of unique and fun physics-based puzzles to solve. The beauty of Human: Fall Flat’s puzzles is that any possible solution you can come up with an execute, is a valid solution. This means that every puzzle can be solved whether you’re playing alone or with friends, but it’s always easier when you’re working as a team.


Human: Fall Flat can accommodate up to 8 players through online co-op, and it’s a blast to play because of its large environments and open-ended puzzle-solving gameplay. If you’re looking for a physics-based multiplayer game that goes beyond just the simple gimmicks of physics mechanics, Human: Fall Flat is the game for you.


Are there any other fun physics-based multiplayer games that I missed in this list? Share them with us in the comments! And for more video game news and updates, make sure to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page.

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