Five Tips for Black Desert Mobile Adventurers
Posted by Yuri Mangahas February 18, 2020

It’s been two months since Black Desert Mobile launched globally, and until now, the game is making waves across the mobile gaming community. It’s no surprise, given the game’s vast world, easy mechanics and an emphasis on MMO gaming. Truly, it’s a game that will continue running for a long time.

Fret not, it’s not yet too late to start in BDM. We’ll give you ways on how to maximize your adventure in the game.


Finish The Story

Grinding through quests will give you huge rewards.

BDM’s storyline focuses on the reemergence of dark forces within the regions of Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia. Each quest in the story gives you huge amounts of Silver, items, and EXP. Some quests in the game may feel daunting, but persevere, and you’ll level up in no time.


Get Stronger

Beating Boss Rushes is one way to improve your stats.

Aside from levels, BDM players are being gauged based on their CP, or combat power. CP is a summary of your attack, defense, and family points. There are various ways to increase your CP. One way is by completing quests. Leveling up will enhance your CP every time. Another approach is by feeding your Black Spirit. The Black Spirit has a separate level and increasing it will get you stronger. You may also enhance your gears by using Black Crystals and Black Stones. Keep in mind that this process will require you to spend Silver, so farming is important. Lastly, complete your boss rushes. Beating each difficulty and deepening your boss knowledge will enhance your stats.


Equip The Right Gear

Gears are everything in BDM.

Equipment items in BDM are categorized based on their values and effects. The tiers are Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Epic, Mythical and Abyssal. Having higher-tiered items will make you stronger and increase your CP. Aside from hunting in mobs, you may also buy items through the marketplace. Another way is by entering Shakatu’s Shop. This is a Gacha feature, and the chances of getting good equipment are based on RNG. You can only buy items in his shop though Gold Coins, a separate currency that you can earn by hunting, completing boss rushes and beating the Ancient Ruins dungeon.


Gather Your Resources

Teach a man to fish, and he will earn more EXP.

Another fun way to enjoy BDM is by gathering your own resources. Players may forage, mine or even fish. These resources are needed so you can maintain your camp. You can also use them to build different facilities, such as gardens, ranch, and lodging. You can also hire workers to gather resources while you’re grinding in other quests.


Take Photos

Glam up your characters and give them a well-deserved photoshoot.

BDM is a visually beautiful game, and so the characters you are designing. One great way to maximize your playtime is by taking beautified shots of your characters. Within the game is Beauty Mode, an option that allows you to take images of your characters in a studio setup. You may also employ the screenshot mode to take photos outside beauty mode. One can only imagine the wonders you can capture within BDM.

Good luck and have fun venturing in BDM. Hit the comments if you have other questions in line with the game.

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