Genshin Impact Has Brought All the Glorious Distraction of Side Quests To Mobile
Posted by Raphael Leynes October 14, 2020

Genshin Impact, the hit new mobile game from relatively unknown studio MIHOYO, has brought open-world gameplay to mobile like never before —along with all the glorious distractions that come along with it. 


If you’ve ever played an open-world game like The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, or Breath of The Wild then you’ll know that a huge part of the appeal of these games is in exploring the open world, discovering new sights and sounds—and, let’s face it, getting sidetracked from the main quest by literally every other side quest and collectible there is. 


For years and years, console/PC players have blown off countless main quests in favor of wandering across large sprawling worlds, helping its inhabitants with menial tasks, finding the highest point to jump from, or even hunting down all of those shiny, ever-so-engrossing collectibles. Never mind that you actually have to stop an ancient evil from destroying the world, you just really need to collect those 100 feathers to bring your mother’s memory back. 


(c) Youtube: Assassin’s Creed Series | Assassin’s Creed II-Ubisoft

This is my game, I don’t “have” to do anything!


Thanks to Genshin Impact, mobile gamers will now know what that’s truly like. A whole new crop of players will finally know the freedom of throwing away the oppressive burden of the main quest and doing whatever you damn well please. Now mobile gamers will know true freedom


(c) Genshin Impact| Mihoyo

Looking for things to do OTHER THAN the Main Quest


Luckily, there’s a lot of fun distractions in Genshin Impact that you can put this newfound freedom to use with an assortment of side quests which range from tracking down overdue library books to heisting a valuable object from the local church


(c) Genshin Impact| Mihoyo

Drats! Foiled again!


There are also the Daily Commissions which are mini side-quests that refresh every day giving you a bite-size piece of the story and some tasty rewards. Additionally, there are also the Ley Line Outcrops, which is an energy-based challenge that tasks you with clearing an area of pesky monsters. 


As if that wasn’t already enough to send the main plot into a permanent hiatus, there’s also a bunch of collectibles and discoverable locations littered throughout the world of Teyvat. There are Seelies which are ghost spirits that you need to escort to their respective final resting spots. Anemoculi are tiny glowing orbs that are placed precariously in the world which take some skill to retrieve in order to upgrade the various Statues of the Seven. There World Bosses that are just waiting for you to put them out of their misery. You can also find Chests and Challenges that will reward you with loot and other goodies in almost every nook and cranny.


(c) Genshin Impact| Mihoyo


That’s all on top of making your own fun in the open world where the surprisingly deep Achievement system rewards you for playing around and exploring!


Right now as I’m actually helping a renowned superstar chef lady collect ingredients from a giant hostile ice plant for her secret dish that she’ll use to assert her dominance onto a small-town home cook. In between story beats, I’ve chased down at least two ghosts to their final resting place, froze lake water underneath my feet as I inched towards the glowing Anemoculi in the middle, and tried to communicate to bokoblin hillichurl. 


(c) Genshin Impact| Mihoyo

Spoilers: It didn’t work out too well


After I wrap this cooking nonsense up, I want to finally grab my Gliding License from a knight in short shorts. And fine, I guess I should really progress the story to stop that dragon from destroying th– oooh what’s that shiny thing?

When did you last make progress on the Main story? Let us know in the comments below. For more game stuff check out My NBA Success has Caused Me and My Virtual Best Friend to Drift Apart  and Five Physics-Based Games You Can Play with Your Friends


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