It Seemed Like More: Looking Back at the Forgotten Crash Bandicoot Games
Posted by Raphael Leynes July 10, 2020

WOAH THE BANDICOOT IS BACK BABY! With the recently released trailer a new Crash game, appropriately named Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, our favorite wumpa fruit-loving marsupial from down under has finally come back to us. 


However, not a lot of people know that Crash 4 is actually the 8th game in the mainline series—a series that continued after the original hit trilogy on the Playstation One and go on to produce sequels such as Wrath of Cortex, Crash Twinsanity, Crash of Titans and Crash Mind over Mutant. So what happened to the other games? And why has virtually no one heard of them or talked about them before? 


Let’s stock up on some wumpa fruits, grab our favorite mask (RELEVANT), and  jump into the warp portal back in time as we take a look back at the other forgotten Crash Bandicoot games


Crash Bandicoot: the Wrath of Cortex

Traveller’s Tales

October 29, 2001


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex is the first game to follow-up the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy on the PSOne. Developed by Traveller’s Tales, who later went on to make the Lego Games, Wrath faced mixed reception from fans due to many of its gameplay elements seemingly recycled from the previous games without much innovation. The game was largely uninspired and derivative plus the videogame market at the time was flooded with more platformers than you can shake a tiki mask at so no surprise this one fell to the wayside.


Crash Twinsanity

Traveller’s Tales

September 28, 2004


Okay, so this one was hit with problems from the start. In the early development of the game, it was called Crash Bandicoot Evolution and was supposed to have a more serious tone. We don’t know what that means, maybe it involved some dark backstory about Crash’s parents getting body slammed in a dark alley or maybe Crash would, at some point ask Cortex “Do you bleed?” but whatever it was it bore so much resemblance to Ratchet and Clank that developer Traveller’s Tales decided to restart production from scratch. What came out of rubble was Crash Twinsanity. A fun humour romp where Crash has to team up with mortal enemy Neo Cortex to save the Wumpa Islands from interdimensional invaders, the Evil Twins.

Now, looking at the gameplay and the trailer for this, Crash Twinsanity actually looks pretty fun. Crash could throw Cortex around to hit enemies, use him as a hammer, and even ride him as a surfboard! There’s also uh, SPANKING? AND a gender-bent Neo Cortex!? What is going on with this game!? WOAH INDEED, MY FRIENDS


Crash of the Titans

Developer: Radical Entertainment 

Release Date: October 4, 2007

Platform: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360


Now we’re getting into the really forgotten territory. Crash of the Titans is a HUGE departure from the traditional Crash formula. It’s new developer Radical Entertainment  really didn’t want it to bear any resemblance to the previous games and it shows.  Rather than a linear platformer, Titans was more of a beat-em-up with some platforming elements.In the game, Crash could also punch and kick and combo enemies aside from the usual assortment of ground pounds and spins. Crash also collected “Mojo” (yeah, baby!) from the destructible objects and enemies and could take control of the larger enemies called “Titans” by a mechanic called “Jacking”. Hoo boy.


Along with the new gameplay, were new redesigns for the Crash crew and boy, did the design team throw us all a curveball with this one. JUST LOOK AT AKU AKU. And look at Crash! He’s got tattoos for coot’s sake. And don’t get us started with this redesign of Crash’s buff brother/clone CRUNCH BANDICOOT. 

Crash: Mind over Mutant

Radical Entertainment

October 7, 2008


So as a sequel to Crash of the Titans, Radical released Crash: Mind Over Mutant in 2008. It was largely more of the same. More Mojo to collect, more “beat-ems” to up and more Titans to jack. (Man I hate saying that) The story also riffed on the arrival of smartphone technology—which is always fun and relevant—in the way of the new-fangled smart devices called NVs developed by Neo Cortex as a way to enslave the residents of Wumpa Island. 


Also, look at this box art! What is going on over here!?


No wonder the franchise disappeared for more than a decade after this. Thank the Wumpa Gods that this new crash looks pretty amazing judging by everything we’ve seen from it so far.  We’re looking forward to October 2, 2020, when Crash 4 will just retcon punches the multiverse and sets out dear Bandicoot friend back on the right track.



Did you play any of these games? Let us know in the comments below! For more game stuff check out Crash Bandicoot is back with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! and How the Philippine Gaming Scene is Helping the fight against COVID-19!


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