MPL-PH Season 5 Week 3: Execration Shatters Blacklist Streak
Posted by Yuri Mangahas March 17, 2020

Execration did the unthinkable and broke Blacklist International’s winning streak, while Bren Esports maintained their dominance in the leaderboards, as the fifth season of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League went full-swing in its third week.

Day 1 Match 1: STI vs Sunsparks (W)

STI knew they couldn’t afford to lose this battle. With a 0-3 record in the leaderboards, the eOlympians need to employ everything in their books to retain their footing in the tourney. However, they were faced with one great hurdle: the defending MPL champions, Sunsparks.

Sunsparks fielded a burst damage lineup composed of Granger, Harith, and Selena to mount pressure towards the frontliners of STI. With Killuash’s Uranus baiting the eOlympians, the champs found it easy to funnel their resources and secure objectives at every turn. This allowed Sunsparks to break through STI’s outer turrets and mount a strong siege, taking Game 1 in swift fashion.

Killuash took the backseat and Renzio filled in for his Position 3 role in Game 2. STI tried to turn the tides by deploying a Nana-Lolita combo to repel Sunsparks’ offlaners. However, Greed’s superior vision bested STI at all fronts, enabling the M1 stalwarts to slay the eOlympians’ attackers. Moreover, Sunsparks’ tacit map control contained STI within their base, shattering the latter’s hopes to even the series.

Day 1 Match 2: Execration (W) vs Blacklist International

Execration started out aggressively by drawing four kills at the laning phase of Game 1. Execration’s frontliners were able to contain Blacklist with ease, thanks to a well-coordinated flank from Cyre’s Hylos and Ch4knu’s Estes. However, the former Evos PH team won’t give in without a fight, as they defended their remaining turrets and barred Execration from destroying the core. Knowing the comeback potential of Blacklist, the Z4pnu-led squad bode their time and waited for the Lord to spawn. After landing a kill on the abyssal creature, Execration went back to the offensive and shattered Blacklist’s base to win Game 1.

Both teams settled for a battle of attrition in Game 2, as Execration and Blacklist International went easy for the killcount and focused on funneling resources to their frontliners. Things went to a head as Execration secured their power spike and restricted Blacklist’s control within the map. Moreover, slaying the enhanced Lord provided Z4pnu’s squad an opening to ultimately destroy Blacklist’s core, logging the latter’s first-ever loss in the season.

Day 1 Match 3: Execration (W) vs Sunsparks

Both teams performed double duties for the first day of Week 3, as winning teams Execration and Sunsparks battled it out to maintain their respective streaks and close the night.

Sunsparks employed a 4-1 rotation to secure their objectives and run interference at the same time. Killuash’s Thamus and Jaypee’s Ling operated as scouts within the map, while Kielvj, Greed, and Rafflesia did what they could to funnel resources into their frontliners. This enabled Jaypee to secure an early game power spike and land kills to Execration’s fighters. Moreover, Jaypee baited Z4pnu’s squad for an ambush at the turtle area, allowing the rest of Sunsparks to divert their attention and sneak in for a swift, decisive attack at their base.

Execration, wanting to avenge their loss in Game 1, outdrafted Sunsparks and fielded Ling as their offensive core. Z4pnu’s X.borg functioned as a fight initiator to set up pick-offs for the team, while the rest worked on funneling economy into Hate’s Ling. With Ling snowballing at the laning phase, Hate took advantage of Sunsparks’ lack of defenses and dished out a massive killcount, allowing Execration to secure the Lord, and inevitably, take Game 2.

Sunsparks focused on stripping Execration of their outer turrets in the early stages of Game 3. With all outer turrets in the mid lane destroyed, Sunsparks moved freely into the map to secure resources for the team. However, a well-timed wipeout from Execration derailed Sunsparks from mounting a siege. Without hesitation, Execration went immediately for the enhanced Lord and battered Sunsparks’ turrets. While the defending champs fended off Execration’s siege, the boys in white barred Sunsparks from stealing the revived Lord and slowly snuffed the champs as they closed in to their core, shattering it to pieces to walk out of the MPL Arena as victors.

Day 2 Match 1: ULVL vs Bren Esports (W)

ULVL fielded an unorthodox draft in Game 1, with Harley and Carmilla leading the charge against the frontliners of Bren. The veterans, however, took advantage of Hylos and Harith’s mobility and barred ULVL from funneling their buffs. Furthermore, ULVL poorly executed their rotations amid a chaotic battlefield, enabling Bren Esports to contain their opponents, and inevitably, take Game 1.

The tragedy continued for ULVL in Game 2, as Bren deterred the former from securing objectives on the map. KarlTzy’s Ling became the offensive core of Bren, with Coco’s Chou roaming the map as the team’s vision. The vets displayed a massive Lord feint to reveal ULVL’s positions and snuff them out, resulting in an enhanced Lord, and a final siege that sealed the fate of a Basic-less ULVL.

Day 2 Match 2: BSB vs Blacklist International (W)

Teamwork is the key to Blacklist International’s strategy in Game 1. The former Evos squad employed a tacit 4-1 rotation to support their attackers and secure pick-offs in the jungle. Reading through their approach, BSB tried to enact a battle of attrition to tire Blacklist out. However, with Honda Beast’s Hylos providing sufficient mobility, Aqua’s Pharsa was able to land an early power spike and dish fatalities to BSB, ending in a Game 1 victory for Blacklist.

Latching on the momentum, Blacklist maintained their 4-1 and five-man rotations in Game 2. A team error from BSB provided Blacklist an opening to snowball their attackers in the laning phase. With an early game wipeout, and with BSB’s morale shattered, Blacklist easily dominated their foes for a swift and decisive series win.

Day 3 Match 1: Geek Fam (W) vs STI

With both teams at the bottom of the leaderboards, STI and Geek Fam knew they had to make this match count if they had to survive through the playoffs. STI started strong in the laning phase by landing three kills on Geek Fam. The Season 4 rookies, however, focused on stealing objectives and containing the map, limiting STI of options and resources for their marksmen. After snowballing their attackers, Geek Fam mounted a final siege to take Game 1.

Geek Fam fielded an all-rounder draft to counter STI in Game 2. While the eOlympians overtook Geek Fam in terms of killcount at the laning phase, the latter persevered in securing gold and objectives for their frontliners. With all chess pieces in place, Geek Fam retaliated hard as Maeeeeeee, exort, and KurTzy dished out massive kills against STI, pinning the eOlympians down for a crushing defeat.

Day 3 Match 2: ULVL vs BSB (W)

It’s a battle of newcomers, as ULVL takes on BSB to maintain their footing in the MPL leaderboards. ULVL deployed a CC-heavy team with Pharsa and Harley punctuating their strategy, while BSB focused on a well-sustained draft. Wilson’s Chou and Trebor’s Uranus swept through the minion waves with ease, providing space for Jeraxnu’s Kimmy to funnel all resources. With Rafaela and Estes behind a snowballed Kimmy, BSB wasted no time and destroyed ULVL to snatch their first victory in the series.

BSB continued their momentum in Game 2, as the team employed Chou and Selena to provide vision in the map, with Trebor’s Natalya operating as a ward. The strategy enabled BSB to control the map and funnel economy to Jeraxnu’s Bruno. While ULVL momentarily staggered BSB with successive kills, Bruno’s ultimate skill repelled their hopes for a comeback as the white-clad team came out of the rubble as victors.

Day 3 Match 3: Sterling Global Dragons vs Onic PH (W)

The Dragons struggled at the entirety of Game 1, as Onic PH outplayed their foes in terms of securing resources. Onic PH moved tacitly throughout the map to prevent any pickoffs and ensure turtle and lord kills. To make things worse, OhMyV33NUS’ Estes and Fuzaken’s Lolita protected their carries aggressively, allowing Wise and Iy4knu to repel SGD’s Cecilion-Carmilla combo and destroy the Dragons’ base to win Game 1.

Onic PH maintained their dominance in the second game, with Iy4knu’s Natalia and Fuzaken’s Carmilla running interference in the jungle sections of the map. Moreso, OhMyV33NUS employed a support Pharsa to deter pick-offs and enable Wise’s Ling to land his power spike. Despite a late-game clutch from the Dragons, Onic’s strategy bested the former Aether Main team and ended the series with a decisive victory to close Week 3.

Catch Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League PH’s fifth season from Fridays to Sundays, starting at 1:00 PM, through MLBB’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

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