MPL-PH Season 6, Week 2: Aura PH, Bren Dominate Leaderboards
Posted by Yuri Mangahas September 03, 2020

The first two weeks of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League proved to be nothing less of legendary. The defending champions Aura PH maintained their leadership in the leaderboards, while crowd favorite team Execration is snuffing their adversaries one by one as the league intensifies on its way to Week 3.


Aura PH showcased their knowledge of MLBB’s mechanics on Day 2, as seasoned tank player Rafflesia fielded a Diggie cheese pick and a tactical feeding strategy to hand over Execration its first loss. The M1 veteran deterred the boys in black and blue from racking up gold for their carries, allowing Aura PH to mount a massive gold lead amid the gap in killcount and shave off the crowd favorites’ turrets, resulting in a resounding victory.


Despite racking 21 deaths, Rafflesia carried Aura PH to a decisive victory over Execration.


The M1 veterans continued their streak by crushing the likes of BSB and Blacklist International, only to fall to their former sibling team Bren Esports. The latter outdrafted Aura PH in all the games of their series and displayed an impressive mastery of the current meta, ending in a devastating 0-2 defeat for the boys in orange.


This marks the first 0-2 defeat of the two-time champions, and the third victory in Bren Esports’ pristine winning streak.


Bren Esports shared the top spot in the Season 6 standings with Aura PH and opened Week 1 with a statement victory over Season 5 runner-ups ONIC PH. The deities of macro put up a great fight against the Season 2 champions, but Bren overwhelmed the M1 representatives to end their match in a decisive victory. The former Aether Main also flexed their dominance against Smart Omega PH in Week 2. The boys in black and yellow stunned the Dragons by containing the SEA Games gold medalists within the map in the first game. While Omega PH led the killcount in the second game, Bren choked the Dragons of objectives and slowly turned the series to their favor.


The Dragons yielded after relentless waves of attacks from the Season 2 champs.


Meanwhile, Execration took notes from its initial loss and rose to the leaderboards by methodically beating their opponents in Week 2. Execration deployed CC-heavy drafts to counter Blu Fire’s frontliners in their series. Despite a valiant showcase from the former ULVL squad, Execration did not waste time and mounted enormous pressure on Blu Fire, deterring them from completing objectives and inevitably, winning the match.


Stats do not lie: Execration is a team to be reckoned with in Season 6.


Execration also crushed Cignal Ultra on the last day of Week 3. The Comeback Kings hoped to bounce back from their crushing loss against Omega PH, but the Ch4knu-led squad didn’t leave any openings for the red-clad boys to exploit, ending in a decisive triumph for the Zap-and-Ch4k connection.


After two weeks of intense battles, the team standings are as follows:

Aura remains the top team in Group A, while Bren logged an impressive 3-0 record in the Group B standings.


In Week 3, Nexplay Solid will duke it out against defending champions Aura PH, while Execration is primed to stain Bren Esports’ pristine winning streak in a BO3 thriller. Will the top teams maintain their dominance in the leaderboards, or are we bound to see surprises from these rising challengers?

We will find out, as a new chapter unfolds in the sixth season of the MPL.

Catch MPL-PH Season 6 from Friday to Sunday at GGNetwork’s Facebook page.

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