PH Official Teams for Razer SEA-Invitational 2020 Revealed
Posted by Yuri Mangahas June 27, 2020

The country’s newest set of national athletes for esports has been finally unveiled, and they’re primed to rake up victories for the Philippines in the inaugural Razer SEA-Invitational.

After six days of exhilarating online battles, four teams have been chosen to represent the PH and compete against 400 teams from 10 other countries in PUBG Mobile, DotA 2, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.



Iconic PH and Blacklist International outgunned 14 other competitors to earn their spots in the Philippine contingency. Iconic PH displayed resiliency and relied on tacit movements to outsmart their opponents, while Tier One’s flagship esports squad employed methodic plays to accumulate points during the qualifiers.



Neon Esports crushed Execration to rise from the rubble as PH’s competing team for DotA 2. The PH representatives deployed Mirana as their carry in the final game of the series, while Pugna provided sufficient wave clear and siege capabilities for Neon Esports. Execration struggled in securing resources for their heroes in the initial phases of the game, thanks to Neon Esports’ overt control of the entire map. With Execration gasping for air, Neon Esports swiftly crushed the white-clad squad’s turrets and broke the latter’s base to conclude the battle.



Lastly, Bren Esports bested its bitter rival Aura PH to secure its position in the Razer SEA Invitational. During the fourth game of their series, Bren fielded a unique draft composed of Esmeralda, Thamuz, Luo Yi, Ling, Popol, and Kupa to counter Aura PH’s durable heroes. The black-and-yellow squad read through Aura PH’s strategy and repelled their attempts to farm resources for their frontliners. Furthermore, KarlTzy’s Ling focused on kill prioritization and snuffed out the former Sunsparks team’s key defenders, allowing Bren to mount a siege and destroy Aura PH’s vulnerable base to win the series.


Support Team Philippines as they compete in the 2020 Razer SEA Invitational. Catch the tourney from June 26 to July 12 at Razer’s YouTube channel.

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