The Nationals Opens Up Format To Amateurs and Students To Foster New Generation Of Esports Champions
Posted by Raphael Leynes March 11, 2021

The Nationals is shaking up its tournament format for its third year! The Philippines’ first franchise-based esports league will be expanding its reach to include both amateurs and students alike who are looking to break into the fast-growing esports scene.

The Nationals will be introducing new tournament divisions with the Challenger Series, The Academy Series; and the Draft Series adding a developmental approach to its format effectively opening its doors to anyone who aims to be a professional esports player.



This Year, Everybody Plays

Image Credit: Gariath Concepts | The Nationals


Recognizing the importance of giving young, aspiring esports talent a platform to chase their esports dreams, the Nationals will be opening up its doors in a big way. The Nationals will be adding two new tournament divisions for aspiring amateur esports players in each of its conferences in its 2021 Season: The Challenger Series and the Academy Series.

The Nationals Challenger Series will be two stand-alone weekend tournaments open to everyone in the country, regardless of age and gender. The Challenger Series for 2021 will be done fully online, opening up to make a splash and jump start the esports career of many aspiring hopefuls.


The Nationals Academy Series is another stand-alone weekend tournament, geared specifically for student-gamers, where only teams and/or players currently enrolled in school can join. This new addition aims to provide more opportunities for school-based players to showcase their skills in different esports game titles.

The league will not be charging anything for sign-ups on these tournaments.


Image Credit: Gariath Concepts | The Nationals


Clearly, The Nationals is looking to expand its focus from just being an elite and prestigious professional league, into one that fosters and helps thanks to its diverse and inclusive programs in order to discover and develop the new generation of Esports Champions. The League is looking to use its platform to welcome and promote the grassroots and the academe esports scene, and it believes that both are vital in making sure that our country can maintain its esports success which is evident in this statement by The Nationals Commissioner Ren Vitug: 


“As we head over to our third season, we took a look at what we can improve for our players and our fans. We wanted to create a better player ecosystem, which is why we are changing our format into having an inclusive and full path to pro series. With whatever game we have, we are providing a clear opportunity to be a pro player. We hope to see you in our games!” 


Introducing the Draft Series


Image Credit: Gariath Concepts | The Nationals


On top of the Challenger and Academy Series, The Nationals will also introduce the Draft Series in 2021, a combine-like tournament where the top teams and players in each of the previous series will be able to participate and duke it out, showcasing their skills and talent for the top pro team scouts in attendance.


After the Draft Series tournament, a draft will occur where each Nationals franchise will pick at least one player, with the drafting order being determined by their finish from the previous conference (if applicable). Only players 15 years old and above from the draft series will be eligible for this draft. 

Once a player is drafted and signed, they will become full-fledged team members of the Franchise teams. With the league’s changes in the minimum number of games per player, any drafted player is guaranteed to see action in the upcoming Pro League

Mr. Jab Escutin, the Nationals’ president, had this to say about the amazing chance to cultivate and foster the new breed of Philippine esports stars:

“It is very exciting for us to see new and aspiring players get drafted by the pro teams in The Nationals. Please compete with and join us, in The Nationals’ third season. This is the League of Champions.”

The Fourth (Conference) Awakens


The Nationals will be adding a fourth conference in its 2021 season! The League is currently aiming for the first three conferences of the 2021 season: Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Dota 2. The fourth conference will happen later this year, possibly as a repeat of the year’s most successful conference, but adding a new fourth game, is certainly possible.


Image Credit: Gariath Concepts | The Nationals


The Nationals Season 3 kicks off with the Tekken 7 Challenger Series happening this March 20, 2021. Registration for the tournament is now ongoing. The Nationals also continues to be available on television on TV5 and Cignal, via One Sports and One Sports+.


For future updates, be sure to Follow The Nationals on their official media pages: 


  • Facebook: fb.com/phnationals 
  • Twitter: twitter.com/phnationals 
  • Instagram: instagram.com/phnationals 
  • YouTube: youtube.com/thenationalsph

The Nationals 2021 is organized by Gariath Concepts, and is sanctioned by the Games and Amusements Board. For interview requests and other press matters, you man send an inquiry to press@thenationals.ph

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