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The Nationals Spotlight: Sh1n Boo, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Caster
Posted by Martin Patino August 01, 2019

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang conference of The Nationals just concluded and it was one of the most exciting conferences of the league so far, which gave the casters and hosts of The Nationals a lot to talk about. And one of the most energetic casters to bring his talents to the MLBB conference of The Nationals is Shin Boo Ponferrada, or more popularly known as just Sh1n Boo.

Sh1n Boo began casting MLBB during the first season of the MPL (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League) but he’s been playing the game for awhile before that because his girlfriend began playing it and they found it as a way for them to bond with gaming and esports even if she was initially not a gamer.

“I was actually surprised that she played Mobile Legends so sabi ko baka may something yung game na ito kasi isipin mo literally hindi gamer naging gamer.”

His favorite part about casting Mobile Legends is the community’s support for the game alongside developer Moonton’s own support and strong infrastructure for the title’s esports development. He believes that these two elements has led to an accelerated growth for the Mobile Legends esports scene.

“With the things that Moonton is doing with the backing of MLBB, with the backing of the MLBB community na sobrang laki dito sa Pilipinas, yung esports ng Mobile Legends is very accelerated.”

Sh1n Boo also enjoys how fresh and new the esports scene and community of MLBB is. Individuals can become superstars in just a short amount of time and the audience is incredibly large and diverse with the potential for whole families to become esports fans.

“The best part about the MLBB community, hindi lang sa malaki kundi this is a fresh and new community for esports. Literally, individuals, players, families, groups, discovering na puwede pala tayo magpa-tournament, puwede pala magka-esports, may mga pro players pala. Ang laking bagong audience ng MLBB community.”

Sh1n Boo’s casting chops aren’t limited to MLBB though as he’s also casted a host of other MOBAs including League of Legends, Dota 2, and even Arena of Valor. He’s also casted for other genres including shooters with PUBG and MMORPGs with RF Online.

He believes the biggest difference between MLBB and other MOBAs is its ability to better showcase the individual skill of the players. The game’s more compact and quicker gameplay leads to less team dynamics but also a bigger opportunity for each player to shine.

“The big difference here is ito yung game that poses the biggest reflection of individual talent, in my opinion. Sa Mobile Legends, isang session lang yun, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and it’s all on you. Bakit? Right now, mababa yung team dynamics ng Mobile Legends. When I say team dynamics, when you build a composition in Mobile Legends, you can only do two compositions. That’s team fight and pick off composition. There’s also the gold funnel but dalawa lang talaga siya. Because the game is short, there’s very little cooking time to develop a composition.

Of course, yung strength niya rin yun, dahil maikli siyang game mas maraming naglalaro. Kapag naglaro ka, yung fatigue factor ng players sa Mobile Legends ang baba. So talagang, in my opinion, with all things given, sa Mobile Legends ka pinaka-puwede magpasikat agad. I think it’s best MOBA to reflect individual skill.”


Sh1n Boo is known for his very energetic and explosive style of casting but he also makes it a point to go beyond just calling out the game and rather focus on connecting with his audience as if he’s speaking to them directly.

“I focus more on imagining I’m talking to someone, like there is an audience really watching. An example would be, there’s a family doing their own thing while they have a Mobile Legends shoutcast on TV. Tapos biglang mapapalingon sila parang feeling nila may kumakausap sila mula dun sa TV. Diretsong pakikipagusap, yun yung style ko sa Mobile Legends.”

He also focuses on improving the quality and diversity of his casting in several ways, including his ability to relate to and entertain his audience, his vocabulary, his knowledge of nomenclature, and more.

Sh1n Boo also doesn’t limit himself to taking influences from other esports talents exclusively and takes cues from many different and diverse personalities. He believes that since casting is a form of speaking, his influences can come from anywhere, including speakers outside of gaming and esports.

“When it comes to shoutcasting I owe it a lot to Kajo, GM Shift of Garena, because he was the one who directly taught me shoutcasting when I was starting back for League of Legends. GG Sphere also influenced me a lot. And, of course, when it comes to hype style and treatment towards the Filipino audience, it’s Lon and Dunoo. I also sometimes take some inspiration from the likes of Boy Abunda, the guys from O Shopping, and Magoo Marjon. 

Kaya ganon yung ranges ng inaaral ko kasi, of course, I also watch and take inspiration from the likes of Paul Chaloner, yung mga International casters. Pero feeling ko kulang pa yun eh. You have to take your lessons and inspirations from those people who are really good at speaking, because shoutcasting is a form of speaking hence Boy Abunda, hence the O Shopping guys, and of course the mainstream broadcasters and commentators like Magoo.”

Aside from the expected health preparations he takes as a casters, such as proper rest, a proper diet, and lots of water, Sh1n Boo also prepares by diligently studying all the abilities of the game’s heroes or champions.

“I make it a point that I’m always familiar with the skill names. I can be asked about any Mobile Legends hero and I can give all the skill names from the passive to the ultimate, that is because those kind of things, all those nomenclature ng isang game, expands your vocabulary hence you can do more things with it. Puwede mo paglaruan yung mga salita. I have my own game, like a skill quiz, wherein I answer all the skill names which I religiously answer every day.”

Speaking on The Nationals, Sh1n Boo believes that what the league provides is a solution to a problem. He thinks that what The Nationals can give the industry is not singularly something but more importantly something permanent, which is what he believes is necessary not just for the scene but also for the people involved in it.

“The Nationals is very beautiful. Remember that the Nationals’ goal is to not make a very big tournament just like every headline tournament that we’ve seen. It’s the idea of a long-term vision, it’s the idea of not making something big but making something permanent, and that’s what is needed for esports right now because our pro players napaka-ikli ng career and there are very little options to transition into after becoming a professional player. I also believe with the Nationals system, yung scouting ng talent mas systematic, mas maayos. It organizes everything, it actually provides a solution to a problem. Proper systems for esports, not just a big tournament.”

Catch all the action of The Nationals and its upcoming Tekken 7 conference on 5 Plus, the home of esports on free TV every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also watch the livestream via the 5 Plus website, and on OneSports via CignalTV for paid TV.

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