The Weird And Wonderful Deltarune: Quirks And Easter Eggs Galore
Posted by Donna Almonte February 23, 2020

Are you an Undertale fan? You know, the Earth-bound-inspired indie RPG that took the world by storm last 2015? Then, you’ve probably heard of Toby Fox’s next release, Deltarune, which is neither a prequel or a sequel to the aforementioned 8-bit fantasy. 

Warning: Do not read until you’ve played both Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1! 

Aside from Deltarune being an anagram of Undertale, you can think of it as an alternate universe. The story is different, the characters are familiar. You can meet Alphys, Toriel, Sans, and Undyne again, this time, above ground. 

That being said, the humor is the same: punny, meta, and downright absurd! Here are a few of the weird and wonderful details I loved from playing the first chapter:


The Name Game 

Try naming your character Kris, for starters. (Image via YouTube)

“Your choices don’t matter,” the game tells you outright after you create your character. 

After all, you’ll just end up creating Kris by default—a far cry from Undertale’s “Your choices have consequences” theme. But when you dare to do something different, it DOES matter, because of the various flavor texts you receive. 

The game reacts if you name your character “Frisk” or “Chara”, saying “how interesting.” 

If you name your character the same as the other characters in Deltarune, you get “what an interesting coincidence.” Input “gaster” and the game shuts down. 

Deltarune is crammed with Undertale references, and the character creation prompt is only the beginning!


Flushing The Toilet 9 Times and Inspecting Beds

If you’ve got diarrhea IRL, you can pretend to have diarrhea in-game. (Image via imgur)

Flushing the toilet more than multiple times will get you in trouble with your mother, Toriel. Do it thrice, then 9 times and see what happens! Who knew that flushing toilets in a video game could be so fun? 

Also, try inspecting all the beds and get your rank changed to “LV1 Bed Inspector”—whoop de doo. You can now brag to all your gamer friends that instead of kicking butt as a Level 80 Assassin, you’re a meticulous Bed Inspector or whatever. 

What do these mundane tasks do for you, stats-wise? Nothing! But that’s the beauty of Toby Fox’s games: interact with everything and who knows what’ll happen?


Tem’s EG

TFW your breakfast won’t partner with you in class. (Image via Steam)

You’re tasked to partner up with a classmate for a project, and no one will take you—not even a hardboiled egg named EG. In fact, it even feels pity for you when you’re forced to pair up with the class bully.

 Also, the adorable Temmie (known for her catchphrase: “hOI!!!! Im tEMMIe!!”) is upset that Susie told her EG will never hatch. How frikkin’ cute. My softhearted self never felt so giddy and sad at the same time.


Joining The Party

Bullet hell, yeah! (Image via Wikipedia)

So you (Kris), Susie (the Bully), and Ralsei (Prince of the Dark) form an unlikely trio, setting out to close the Dark Fountain, restore the balance, and save the kingdom from the chaos caused by the King. Lancer, the King’s son, attempts (and fails several times) to get in your way. What makes it weird? Susie refuses to join at first, leaves, and rejoins your party several times—with matching fanfare music!

When she’s with you, you’ve gotta warn the enemy of her attacks (if you’re sticking to the Pacifist way). When she’s not with you, she’s making things “harder” for you by brainstorming puzzles with Lancer. They form a duo, then join your party eventually. Then they split up and fight when you get imprisoned by the King. Hey Susie, make up your mind, okay??! 


Signed, Lancer

Watch out for Lancer, the evilest guy around! (Image via Reddit)

Speaking of which, I found it hilarious that the antagonist, Lancer decides to make random signs throughout the Field of Hopes And Dreams. 

One says, “(If you’re reading this, I guess you’re dead) (SIGNED, LANCER)”

Another one says,”(Hey, don’t read this sign! It’s a work in progress!) (SIGNED, LANCER)”

So useless—and delightfully quirky—because he’s actually standing right beside a sign as you’re reading it. He then greets you by telling you that you’re his favorite person. Psyche! You’re not even part of his top 5 favorite people. How…uh…villainous. He vaguely reminds me of Plankton plotting his Krabby Patty formula heists.


ICE-E’s P”E”ZZA parlor and other spellings 

Why can’t we make LIBRARBY the official spelling? (Image via Steam)

“Be a team player, there’s no “I” in P”E”ZZA!,” Burgerpants exclaims. Well, there’s no “I” in it because you took it out, my dude. I’m happy to see him reappear in Deltarune’s Hometown; you should be able to remember his stint as an MTT Burger Emporium employee in Undertale. Aside from P”E”ZZA, Hometown features a “Librarby”, too. Ugh. All these cute and random details make me want to squish something!


Create A Machine To Thrash Your Ass


Perhaps the sight gag I enjoyed the most: Lancer and Susie come up with the EVILEST PLAN—by asking you to design your own doom. My inner nihilist felt attracted to the idea, sort of. They’re too lazy to come up with it themselves, but for the sake of their friendship, you do it anyway. Choose to make it look like a stupid duck or maybe design a smiling knife protruding from a tank, then color it. If you choose to make it mostly “hot” based on the descriptions, they’ll remark on why it looks like something you want to kiss. It’s so dumb and pointless, it’s brilliant!

These are just a few of the odd and delightful moments in Deltarune Chapter 1! Which part did you enjoy? Are you just as excited as I am to play the rest of the chapters? While we’re still waiting for a release date announcement from Toby Fox, keep posted!


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