You Can Now Pre-Register for King of Fighters AllStars-Final Battle!
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 11, 2020

SNK Corporation and VNG has just opened pre-registration for their new mobile game,  KOF AllStars VNG (otherwise known as The King of Fighters AllStars – Final Battle.) The game will be available in the Philippines on both iOS and Android. Special rewards and events await those who pre-register from now until the window closes on June 21, 2020.


VNG Corporation, a Vietnamese technology company specializing in digital content, entertainment, and online games, brings to life the prestigious fighting game IP in the form of mobile card strategy game with gacha-based DNA developed by SNK Corporation Japan. 


A New Way to Play a Classic

King of Fighters is a widely-popular fighting game franchise that has had its cult following since the 1990s, with all its many iterations coming out on the old arcade machines, to PC, and consoles. Just recently, the King of Fighters IP has made its way to mobile with the release of its action-packed, beat-em-up King of Fighters AllStar just last year.


KOF AllStars VNG otherwise known as KOF AllStars-Final Battle is the franchise’s latest foray into the mobile space bringing with it some iconic features from its different iterations, classic characters, familiar game sounds, all while effectively incorporating the tone and feel of a traditional King of Fighters game. 


The game will also feature characters from other established fighting games like The Last Blade and Samurai Shodown, allowing players to build their own dream squads from a diverse system of characters. Looking forward, the KOF AllStars brand has been known for its epic collaborations so there is a big possibility that your favorite franchise might make their way into their roster!


Pre-Registration Details

Pre-registration for KOF AllStars VNG is open until June 21, 2020 at 11:59pm PHT

Here’s how you can pre-register: 

Step 1: Visit: https://event.kofasvng.com 
Step 2: Click “Register Now”
Step 3: After your successful registration, you will be able to claim Pre-registration Gifts Rewards: including Diamonds x500 + Stamina Potion (M) x3 + Chocolate EXP (S) x50 


Note that for iOS devices, you will be receiving a code via email. Use the code via the website (https://kofasvng.com) to receive your rewards. 


For Android devices, you will receive a Pre-registration Gift when you login to the game. Make sure that the Google/Gmail account you use to pre-register is the same Google/Gmail account you will use to download the game. 


Special Online Events

VNG is also holding three special online event activities to celebrate the game’s pre-registration. These events run from until June 21 at 11:59pm PHT. Only users with a Facebook or Gmail account will be able to join these events. For detailed Rules and Regulations, click on promotion rules on the event page. 


The said events are: 


  • Fighter Invitation – users create three-member teams by inviting friends 
  • Hero Card – users collect “fighter cards” and accumulate points 
  • Lucky Draw – users are able to “withdraw” to claim lots of valuable gifts, including Asus, Logitech, and Apple products 


Here’s how you can join: 


Step 1: Visit https://event.kofasvng.com 
Step 2: Click “Log-in Now”, log-in with your Facebook account and fill in your personal information (phone number must be accurate and available to contact).
Step 3: After your successful registration, you will be able to claim your Registration Gifts and (01) Card Package in Event 2. 

Rewards: including Gold Recruit Coin x1 + Bill x10,000 

There are 2000 codes to be consumed on a first-come, first used basis.



Pre-register now and join the event promotions to grab all the cool and interesting rewards for your team of fighters! For more info on KOF AllStars VNG, visit the following links:

Website: https://kofasvng.com 

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kofallstar.vng.en/ 

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCENDye7IeV1NiFkXWh7-7gw 

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