Spelltable Lets Us Play With Our Nerd Cards Again
Posted by Raphael Leynes December 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine life have put a damper on a lot of our nerdy hobbies that require you to be in the same room as other people. Magic: the Gathering is unfortunately one of those hobbies. Sure there’s always MTG: Arena but it does have a lot of limitations. If you’re itching to feel the touch of sweet, sleeved cardboard on their hands; yearning for that feeling of tapping permanents sideways, or; just get a taste of manic multiplayer formats like Commander you just can’t get that experience digitally. Until now that is! 


Hope has descended from the high heavens for fans of paper Magic the Gathering in the form of a nifty new app called Spelltable!

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Spelltable lets you play actual, genuine, paper with up to 4 of your friends through the magic of the internet. All you need is a webcam or a phone pointed at your cards and the Spelltable app downloaded and you’re good to go!


It’s so simple even a goblin can do it!


However, that’s not all Spelltable does. Spelltable has a lot of quality of life features that help make your games run as easily and as smoothly as possible. In addition to putting 4 of your friends’ screens up at the same time, it can also arrange them according to the turn order and keep track of who’s turn it is and how much time they’re taking. We’re talking about you, Johnny!


Spelltable also keeps track of life points and if you’re playing Commander, it can also assign and track everyone’s Commander damage and which Commanders they are playing. There’s also an option for voice chat if you don’t feel like coordinating on another third-party application.


Spelltable’s best feature however is its ability to recognize cards and pull up a digital copy for you to peruse JUST BY CLICKING ON IT. It’s not always 100% perfect depending on internet or camera quality issues but it works most of the time and that’s enough to send us into vicious fits of future squats



Best of all, the app is 100% free! You just need to sign up for an account on the website or link up your Wizards account and you’ll be slinging spells with the best of them! If you’ve been yearning to play with actual, tangible paper Magic The Gathering just as Garfield intended, go check out Spelltable

Learn more about it here!


You excited to get to play some good ole paper Magic? Let us know in the comments below. For more Magic The Gathering  stuff check out Re-igniting the Spark: Magic the Gathering Arena Early Impressions and A Complete List Of Every Magic The Gathering: Arena Codes

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