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Gaming | Sea Games 2019
SEA Games 2019: PHI Sibol National Team Secures Silver and Bronze Medals in Tekken 7 Esports Event
Alexandre Laverez and Andreij Albar secured the silver and bronze medal, respectively, in the Tekken 7 esports event of the 30th SEA Games!
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
Smart recognizes Sibol athletes during the Get Gold! awarding event
Smart fulfills its Get Gold! campaign with a gathering for Sibol!
Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 tickets now on sale
Tickets for the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 have gone on sale
Blizzard announces Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia
The next big tournament for Hearthstone in the region is coming in 2020.
Descent of Dragons expansion for Hearthstone is now live
The latest Hearthstone expansion takes flight with dragons!
Sea Games 2019
Never Too Late: What it was like to be in the room during that Sibol Dota 2 Comeback
From start to that comeback finish, here are all the emotions from the fifth game of the Dota 2 Gold Medal Match between Sibol and Thailand.
Sea Games 2019
One Attack Away: Dissecting The Craziest Comeback in SEA Games Arena of Valor
And its still not over!
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
SEA Games 2019: PHI Sibol National Team Secures Podium Finish in SCII and Dota 2 Esports Events
The second and third days of the 30th SEA Games esports events saw a lot of action across five of the six events of the competition!
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
DOTA 2 Patch Released Midway Through SEA Games DOTA 2 Matches
No amount of warding could’ve seen this one coming
Sea Games 2019
SEA Games Esports Organizations: Education Is Key To Combating Negativity Around Esports
These countries prove that the pen is still mightier than the sword even in matters of the digital realm
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
SEA Games 2019: PHI Sibol National Team Advances to Playoffs in SCII, ML:BB Esports Events
The group stages of the ML:BB, StarCraft 2, and Hearthstone esports events of the 2019 SEA Games have concluded. Here are the results.
Sea Games 2019
SEA Games 2019: Esports Makes Historic Debut
Esports makes history once again! Here’s how the SEA Games kicked off its SEA Games Event!
LGD Sets Its Sights On Philippine Esports Athletes
Filipino gamers now have the chance to represent South East Asia under the tutelage of one of the most well-known DOTA 2 teams in the world, LGD.
Here Are The Biggest Video Games Coming Out in December 2019
Here are some of the biggest video game titles coming out in December 2019!
Five Video Games You Can Give Your Friends and Family This Christmas
The holiday season is in full swing and here are five games we think would make great gifts this Christmas!
Article | Sea Games 2019
SEA Games 2019 Hearthstone and Dota 2 Esports Event Competitors Face First Hurdle as Games Get Major Updates
The competitors of the Dota 2 and Hearthstone esports events at the 2019 SEA Games will be racing against time to prepare anew for their respective tournaments.
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
Sibol Spotlight: Jeremiah “1717” Camarillo – Arena of Valor
I got to sit down with Jeremiah “1717” Camarillo of the Sibol Arena of Valor national team to talk about his story and how he went from managing the family business to one of the best professional AOV players in the region and part of the Sibol national team.
Geek Culture
What’s Up With The X-Men
Now’s the perfect time to get back on the X-Men hype train!