MPL-PH Season 6, Week 4: Blacklist Trounces Onic PH
Posted by Yuri Mangahas September 17, 2020

Blacklist International earned their biggest victory yet in the sixth season of the Mobile Legends Professional League by nailing Season 5 runner-ups Onic PH in a brutal 2-0 finish.


Blacklist employed an aggressive draft led by Yi Sun-Shin, Khaleed, and Yu Zhong to secure the side lanes in Game 1. The boys in blue wasted no time and funneled their resources into Fullclip’s YSS, allowing the team’s rising carry to snuff the frontliners of Onic and take an early lead. Realizing the comeback potential of the M1 veterans, Blacklist fielded Lancelot and Pharsa to deal massive damage to Onic and break through their defenses to land a decisive victory.


Fullclip on Yi Sun-Shin is definitely a force to reckon with.

Unlike their engagement with Blacklist, Onic fought a tight battle against Season 2 champions Cignal Ultra. Hadess’ Harith led the charge against Onic while ImbaDeejay’s Angela sustained the team during the first game. The Comeback Kings exploited the M1 vets’ misstep at the Lord pit to secure a well-timed ace and mount a final push to win Game 1. Looking to even the odds, Onic deployed an aggressive, well-sustained draft to counter Cignal Ultra’s damage dealers and overwhelm the red-clad team to clinch the series.


While both teams played a lengthy game of attrition in Game 3, Onic read through Cignal Ultra’s strategy and trapped the Season 2 champs within their base. Amid a huge killcount gap and two Lord steals from Hadess, victory became inevitable for Onic.


Hadess outplayed Onic to steal the Sanctuary Lord from their hands twice.

Season 5 champions Aura PH dominated Blufire on the second day of Week 4. The outliers finally tapped the services of seasoned tank player Fuzaken in the hopes of toppling the two-time champs. Despite a strong draft, Aura PH’s turrets remained untouched while Blufire’s base became susceptible to the champs’ relentless attacks. The problems continued for Blufire in Game 2 as the boys in orange suppressed the side lanes and choked the Fuzaken-led squad of their resources. Furthermore, Greed and Rafflesia maintained Aura PH’s defenses to contain Blufire in the map, allowing the champions to smash through the latter’s turrets and end the game.


Jaypee lived up to his “God Carry” title during Aura PH’s match with Blufire.


After heated battles in Week 4, the standings are as follows:

Onic PH will face off against Bren Esports once again in the opening salvo of Week 5. Will the Season 5 runner-ups spring back from their slump and taint Bren’s pristine streak?


Meanwhile, Aura PH will go head-to-head against crowd favorites Execration in an encore of their Week 1 matchup. Will Execration manage to settle their score with the champs?


Catch MPL-PH Season 6 from Fridays to Sundays at GG Network’s Facebook page.

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