One Attack Away: Dissecting The Craziest Comeback in SEA Games Arena of Valor
Posted by Raphael Leynes December 09, 2019

Late into the decisive game of the Arena of Valor Upper Bracket Finals, Thailand was a mere sliver of Nexus health away from securing a seat at the Grand Finals at SEA Games 2019. Thailand, who had 4 heroes up to Indonesia’s 1, smelt blood in the water and swarmed the opponents Nexus seeking to put the final nail in their opponents coffin. However, as fate would have it, all four Thai heroes would fall leaving the door wide open for Indonesia’s counter push all the way to the Thai’s own Nexus, pulling off one of the craziest comebacks in SEA Games 2019 and possibly Arena of Valor history. 

After a grueling Upper Bracket Finals Series, both Indonesia and Thailand managed to grab a game a piece. It would fall to one last game to decide who advances to the SEA Games 2019 Grand Finals and who would have to fight for their life in a Lower Bracket Finals with Vietnam.

Their clincher would start off with Indonesia jumping to a quick lead. However, Thailand would eventually trade blows with them resulting in a pretty even game until the 12:00 minute mark. After a crucial team fight, Thailand would obliterate the Indonesian line up eliminating four of their heroes leaving the sole Indonesian player, Falah G. Dwi on Brunhilda to fend for himself.  

Thailand swarmed the base destroying the last top tower and going in for the kill on the Nexus .


Indonesia’s Brunhilda activates her Ultimate ability Entrench and starts picking off the low health heroes with the final tower dealing damage as well. Thailand’s Suwanchai. R and Chaichanasap are the first to fall.



Thai’s Ketkarn, their highest health hero remaining, gets caught between the shots of both the Nexus and the last middle tower. This forces him to reposition instead of focusing on attacking the tower.



Reinforcements arrive for Indonesia as Muliadi respawns and get the kill on Ketkarn.



Indonesia’s Nexus still stands with less than 5% life! Falah G. Dwi’s Brunhilda  racked up a clutch triple kill in the process. 



Indonesia initiates a push of their own into the Thailand’s own Nexus. With no hero to defend it, The Thai Nexus falls giving Indonesia the win.


Watch the whole thing unfold here:

Thailand and Indonesia would meet again in the Grand Finals with Thailand clawing their way back by defeating Vietnam in their Lower Bracket Finals. Thailand would grab the gold 3-0 becoming the first ever Arena of Valor Gold Medal Winner of SEA Games 2019

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